NEW YORK – This is good news for immigrants residing in the city of Yonkers, New York.

Indeed, Catholic Charities and various activist organizations on Monday celebrated the opening of a center that offers various resources to day laborers and immigrants. The center opened its doors on the same day as the celebration of International Labor Day.

On site, located at 325 Yonkers Street, offers bathrooms, snacks, opportunities to train and receive English lessons, computers, technical programs and more. They can also find construction training, women’s training, carpentry, and even certification.

“We celebrate that we have a center with the united workers of Yonkers, and especially on this day which is the feast of Saint Joseph. We ask God’s blessing on the work of the day laborers who are in this place,” the director said. of Catholic Charities in Telemudno 47.

Also, people can bring the crafts they are working on or the crafts to display and sell.

What programs are offered

The programs offer OSHA-approved construction and safety skills, New York City-approved on-site safety courses, and a variety of other courses, such as English as a Second Language (ESOL), sewing, and sewing. computing, and access to higher-level business courses, such as electrical and scaffolding courses. The Center also helps in cases of wage theft and ensures that workers have the knowledge to defend their own rights.

Since 2009, Catholic Charities has been helping newcomer men and women to New York earn a living and be part of their communities through the Obreros Unidos (United Workers) program in Yonkers. In 2016, the Bronx Day Laborer program was launched to provide needed on-site safety training in New York City.

Catholic Charities’ two regional worker programs, in Yonkers and the Bronx, serve the New York metropolitan area and provide essential training opportunities in various fields of construction, trades (for example, electrical and carpentry), disaster response and OSHA certification. The program provides on-the-ground support to workers and supports their advocacy in statewide campaigns to secure safeguards for them and their families.

Where can it be found

Catholic Charities Day Labor Center of Yonkers
325 Yonkers Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701

More information here.

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