“Today and always proud of all the women around me, and of you first”Makoke wrote in her last Instagram post. What he didn’t realize was that what surrounded him, at least at the bottom of the photo, was a completely naked man. How do you read!

On the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day, Makoke wanted to share a very special post with the most important girl in his life: his daughter Ana Matamoros. The two celebrities appear on the beach in a smiling selfie. Despite this, the protagonist of the post has been the man who appears behind. And it is that the Lord appears totally as God brought him into the world: naked.

It seems Makoke didn’t notice the man in the background until it was too late and the photo was already uploaded. In fact, the image was quick to circulate on Twitter, going viral. Of course, as is common in this type of situation, memes and laughs were served.

In fact, Ana Matamoros herself reacted to the photo with several laughs and a “Nooooo”. A funny reaction with which he removes the iron from the material.

Makoke with Ana Matamoros / instagram

Makoke grinds

After seeing the one getting involved on social media and reading the comments, Makoke noticed the spontaneous behind. As expected, the TV face was quick to delete the post and re-upload the photo. Of course, this time with more zoom so that the naked man doesn’t appear.

Of course, comments from his followers continue to address the topic in the new post:

“Here we came for the man”

“The previous photo was cooler”

“He kidnapped the naked man from behind”

“We have already seen the man in the back”

Without a doubt, Makoke made us smile this Wednesday. And it is that these leaflets always go viral.

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