Nacho Palau, his harshest confessions after suffering from cancer: “It was a huge slap”

Nacho Palau, his harshest confessions after suffering from cancer: “It was a huge slap”

The last time we saw Nacho Palau on TV is when he went to Let yourself be loved and was interviewed by Toñi Moreno. No more than a year has passed since then, however, for the actor it seems that a century has passed. After going through a difficult chemotherapy process due to cancer, he returned to the same set very excited and He faced one of the toughest interviews.

To the ex-girlfriend of Miguel Bosé he was diagnosed with cancer last year When did your adventure end? survivors and after that, he made the decision to retire to have fun and rely on those close to him: “It was a process in which I felt very loved”, admitted Nacho at the start of his interview with Paz Padilla.

The new guest of Let yourself be loved He explained that he didn’t have time to enjoy his departure from reality TV, as he went to the hospital thinking it was the flu and left the door with the worst news that the we can receive: “It was a huge slap. A month ago I started talking because I had a swollen throat, I was annoyed” added the guest, but assured that “I didn’t ask myself many questions, I left myself go because it’s your disease, even if there are people next to you”.

Loss of voice due to treatment

During this period of treatment, Nacho said he lost his voice: “I didn’t ask myself many questions, I let myself go because it’s your illness, even if there are people by your side. It’s pain, helplessness, you see those who love to suffer help you and you’re in a bad mood, I cried a lot”. only that made him feel empathy with his ex-partner, Miguel Bosé and the problems the artist had about it: “Miguel continues with his shitty voice”, he pointed out.

Regarding this rapprochement with his ex-girlfriend, Nacho confessed that they cried together and mentioned that first call he remembered with great emotion“It was very emotional. He told me he was there, not to worry. Take care of me and feed me well and not worry about anything else,” said he declared, adding “I like it very much.”

Nacho Palau wanted to surrender

No one said suffering from cancer and coping with all that it entails would be easy. In fact, one could rather say that it is a process full of ups and downs. For this reason, the presenter wanted to ask him if he had already gotten worse and thought of throwing in the towel: “I had a good day, I said ‘I can’t take it anymore. Let it end , it’s getting ahead of me and I don’t want to know anything ‘, I couldn’t,” he explained. However, nothing like the push of her children to give her strength and move on.

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