MultiVersus sets a date for the end of its open beta and its official launch in 2024

MultiVersus sets a date for the end of its open beta and its official launch in 2024

I’m going to be very honest with what I’m going to say next: I’m so sorry for what’s been going on lately with MultiVersus. The number of users of the title they fell in recent months; something normal in these type of releases, but I was hoping that this time something different would happen. I wanted MultiVersus to be the big hit of the past few years. However, I got a little homesick with the data that Warner Bros. Games posted a few minutes ago.

The thing is, I didn’t have in mind the idea that these first months of life of MultiVersus correspond to a first open beta which serves so that the maintainers can launch a much more polished and polished title in the future. And, precisely, the information you can find here is about this, since Warner Bros. Games has already announced the end date of this open beta period and that of its launch in 2024. I leave you with all the data below:

When does the Multiversus free beta end and what are the implications?

  • The game’s open beta will end on June 25.
  • This means that from then on, the game servers will not be accessible before its official release
  • Besides, the game will be removed from digital stores until 2024
  • What is good is that all our purchases and the progress we made in the beta will eventually carry over to the official launch of the game

When is MultiVersus coming out?

  • The game will see the light some still to be confirmed date from the beginning of 2024
  • It is not known if the game will still be free when it is released, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. Games ended up opting for this format when the title sees the light of day next year.
  • Then I leave you with the video in which all this data was announced through the website itself. official channel of the game on Youtube

What do you think of MultiVersus so far? Will you miss him when he temporarily says goodbye on June 25?

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