MTA and CUNY Partner to Create Career Opportunities Through Internship Program

MTA and CUNY Partner to Create Career Opportunities Through Internship Program

NEW YORK – On Thursday, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and the City University of New York (CUNY) celebrated an internship program partnership that connects CUNY students from all 25 campuses with paid internship opportunities at the MTA both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The program brings together the nation’s largest transportation network with the nation’s largest urban public university to leverage each other’s initiatives while supporting equity, diversity, and social mobility. The program received 16,216 applications for just 150 slots in its first year last summer.

“I’ve always believed that the MTA and other New York institutions should be focused on attracting talent from incredible public schools and universities,” said MTA President and CEO Janno Lieber. . “When I took over as President, this partnership with CUNY was one of my first initiatives, and I’m thrilled with how it worked out.”

At the beginning of April, 128 positions were registered for the full-time summer program of approximately eight weeks. A second application period opens in the fall for part-timers.

In some cases, students who take full-time positions during the summer may transition to part-time positions once the school year begins. Students who work full-time are entitled to benefits, including medical, through the CUNY Research Foundation.

There are currently 84 interns completing their internship at the MTA, marking the first full year of the program.

“CUNY is pleased to partner with the MTA on this internship program, which provides our students with the opportunity to explore pathways through the MTA’s extensive network,” said CUNY Chancellor Felix V. Matos Rodriguez. “These impactful paid internships provide students with valuable skills and the real-world experience the job market needs. Both CUNY and MTA are part of the fabric of New York City, and we’re proud to support the city’s workforce by giving our students the tools they need to focus on their studies. and connect their studies to their future career. ”

Internships are available at all MTA locations: NYC Transit Subways, Buses, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North, Construction & Development, and Bridges and Tunnel with openings in areas such as law, finance, architecture , technology, project management, environmental sciences, engineering, real estate, station operations, security, transportation and communications.

CUNY’s wide reach with colleges in every borough and a broad portfolio of programs provide the MTA with a diverse pool of talent to choose from, while giving New York students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with the largest northern transport network. America, serving a population of over 15.3 million. The initiative is funded by the MTA and the students are employed by the CUNY Research Foundation.

For more information on CUNY internship opportunities, click here.

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