Miley Cyrus came back in style with Endless summer vacation.

After Miley’s rockiest outing yet with plastic hearts in 2020, the singer returns with a new musical era with her eighth album studio, in which a softer style predominates and a multitude of genres such as pop, country, rock, dance or electro-pop.

Endless summer vacation is the perfect mix between day and night. The yin and yang of records.

That’s why the singer divided his album into two clear parts AM and PMwith opposing energies. There are 12 songs that make up Endless summer vacation (Endless Summer Vacations) and each of them is found on one of the two sides of the disc.

AM tracks: songs of the new awakening

AM represents the morning, where there is a buzz, energy and potential full of new possibilities. “it’s a new day“, the artist spoke about the symbolism contained in the songs that are part of this “side A”.

flowers was the first single from the album, a hymn to self-love that laid the groundwork for what awaits us in Endless summer vacation.

flowers is moreover the main theme of “side A” from the album, in which they will also find Jaded, Rose Colored Lentils, Thousand Miles (Ft. Brandi Carlile), You y Handstand. are the songs happier and more optimisticThose who look to the future with hope.

PM Tracks: its darker and more glamorous side

The singer described how she feels about it “B lane” from his album, where the night takes center stage. Are the darker themesthose that arise from contradictory feelings but that represent a new opportunity to reinvent oneself.

“At night, I feel like there’s a feeling of blackout, darkness but at the same time glamour. At night, it’s a good time to rest, to recuperate. Or c is a time for get out and discover the wild side“, Cyrus spoke about this part of the album, in which rivers takes on a special role.

They are also on this side B Violet Chemistry, Muddy Feet (Ft. Sia), Wildcard, Island and Wonder Woman.

A shout out to romantic nostalgia and self-love

Miley Cyrus found the perfect balance between the romantic nostalgia of a past love and the fulfillment of self-love, which is reborn and becomes relevant once gone. He overcomes the mourning of separation.

The artist sings from the voice of experience to love in different aspects: both the one that was not correct and the one that comes in the future, as well as his own.

Besides, Endless summer vacation It’s a tribute to Los Angelesthe town where he built a home that later saw the grass burn in the flames of the 2018 fires.

Complete Endless Summer Vacation Tracklist

  • flowers
  • Jaded
  • Pink color lenses
  • Thousand Miles (Ft. Brandi Carlile)
  • You
  • ATR
  • River
  • purple chemistry
  • Muddy Feet (Ft. Sia)
  • Wildcard character
  • Island
  • wonder woman

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