Miley Cyrus releases their eighth studio album, Endless summer vacationn, an album which she says is a love letter to the city of Los Angeles. Of course, the album will include the worldwide hit Flowers. This theme has broken all possible records and has accumulated more than 630 million streams. In Spain, it is the best-selling debut album since Adele in 2015.

This new work will include 11 new songs that will be available in physical and digital formats. Along with the album release, Miley will release the long-awaited music video for the song. River. On the other hand, the artist has joined Disney + in an exclusive original program, Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation, which will be released on Friday, March 10. In this show, the wrecking ball will perform for the first time in history, songs from his new album, including his hit single Flowers, seven bonus tracks from the album, one of his best-known classic hits and a special performance with Rufus Wainwright.

The whole plot of the River music video

Apparently it’s a music video with no plot beyond the song but fans know that with Miley doesn’t exist. The audiovisual short has a story far beyond what we see on screen. According to several images leaked on social networks, Miley would have recorded this video clip in the same house which recorded that of Flowers. A very significant place since it was the house where Liam Hemsworth cheated on several women.

In Flowers there were several excuses to his ex-partner, for example, the golden dress he arrives at the mansion with is similar to the one he wore Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of The Hunger Games 2, film in which he confesses to having kissed Liam Hemsworth.

According to information from specialized accounts of the artist, Miley has not only returned to the house where she was unfaithful, but will also appear with 14 men. The same number as the women Liam was disloyal to in the same place.

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