These last few days have been essential to understand what is happening now around the buying process ActivisionBlizzard by Microsoft. After the CMA (the UK commission that oversees the health of the international market) block acquisition, a good handful of rather striking data came out. And, precisely, today I want to tell you about the one that appeared in the latest report published by the organization, which is not very encouraging for those who want to see how the purchase ends up becoming a reality.

You’ll be 10 years older when the Activision purchase can happen

  • The information was collected by a ResetEra user What found several important clues about the latest report released by the CMA
  • One of them states that buy block could last up to 10 years
  • This implies that the process may not move forward until the year 2033
  • The report makes a rather resounding statement in this regard: our job will be to prevent the purchase from happening within the next 10 years, unless circumstances change
  • This implies that Microsoft can appeal, but it looks like the CMA couldn’t give the arm to wring for quite a while

The current state of the buy is quite uncertain: it cannot go forward due to the CMA block, which could last much longer than expected. However, the truth is that Microsoft could change some of its terms and policies to get out of this quagmire.

What can Microsoft do now?

Microsoft can appeal the decision of the CMA for a reconsideration of the file, but this body could not carry out this last action for another 10 years. Of course, if Microsoft continues enter into agreements with other companies When it comes to cloud gaming, things could change, as the biggest downside to the purchase has to do with the monopoly that could exist if xCloud ends up becoming a successful service in the next few years.

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