As mentioned in the previous episode of the soap opera which was formed around the purchase of Activision-Blizzard-King For Microsoft, I keep an eye on the acquisition process from time to time to find out how it’s going and tell you briefly how it’s progressing. And, precisely, a few minutes ago I came across a series of information that is very good news for both companies. I leave you with all the details that have been revealed below:

A big step forward in the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft

  • According to the latest web reports FinancialTimesspecializing in information on the movements that occur in the market around the largest companies in the world, soon the purchase will take a big step forward
  • The thing is the UK CMA could approve the acquisition and stop blocking it as early as this week
  • However, It is not known on what exact day this decision would be made and, above all, when it would be announced.

What is the CMA and what does its purchase approval mean?

  • The CMA is a British organization which corresponds with a commission responsible for monitoring the health of the market at the global level
  • Sus siglas meaning Competition and Markets Authority, lor who describes it as an authority responsible for supervising the various antitrust laws
  • It was the entity that caused the most problems in relation to the purchase and the fact that it ended up approving it This represents a huge step forward for Microsoft in this regard.
  • So much so that if no one but the CMA disturbs the purchase in the future, this could be over sooner rather than later

I will be attentive to any other news which would arise around the takeover of Activision by Microsoft for to keep you informed of developments in the future.

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