Yesterday morning, the analyzes of red fall, a game that aimed to be one of the biggest releases of 2023 and Xbox’s first major AAA in a long time. However, those expectations fell on deaf ears and many players were not happy with the result. Indeed, the title is available from today, so many players are playing it thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, so there are already many opinions on social networks, To smoke there Metacritic.

Many fans of esoteric, the study responsible for developing red fall, They don’t understand how they released a game of such questionable quality compared to the great titles they’ve developed in the past, the height of Disgraced, prey or, more recently, Loop of death. There are also those who think that the game has potential if they take care of it and add a lot more content, so these same people think they released it too soon. AND would be the reason.

Microsoft Never Trusts Redfall, Rumors Say

This happened Reddit where they echoed this rumor, launched by Gyo Cf. who is a French seller who shared what he heard in Twitter:

  • It is important to mention that gygy it’s not initiated, but a video game seller. But he lives in France, and ensures that received several customers who are employees of esoteric, the French developer studio of red fall
  • He says that these same employees confessed to him that Microsoft never trusted the project, and that’s why they rushed to release this game
  • Another reason why Microsoft rushed to throw red fall is it supposedly esoteric that’s it work on another much more ambitious project

Nothing more is known about this new project, although it is still just a rumor started by someone who is not initiated. However, these statements are not exaggerated and it is very likely that esoteric is already working on another game that can live up to its previous installments, causing Microsoft would like to get out of the way quickly red fall that the study concentrate all its efforts on this new project. What do you think of all this?

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