Miami Beach declares curfew and state of emergency after weekend shootings

Miami Beach declares curfew and state of emergency after weekend shootings

Miami Beach has declared a curfew and state of emergency in effect from this Sunday until 6 a.m. Monday, following violent incidents over the spring break weekend when thousands of tourists flocked to the city.

Within hours, two violent incidents marked the scene. Friday evening a man died and another was injured after a shooting in South Beach and in the early hours of this Sunday another deadly shooting disturbed the tranquility of the place.

The city will hold a special commission meeting this Monday at 4 p.m. to discuss possible restrictions in the future.

The curfew is imposed for the area bounded by 23rd Street and Dade Boulevard to the north, Government Cut to the south, Biscayne Bay to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Businesses located in such an area should close early enough to allow customers to avoid violating the curfew.

Hotels can continue their business activities after the curfew, as long as they only serve hotel guests. Instead, businesses other than hotels can operate until 6 a.m. for delivery only, as pick-up and take-out service is prohibited.

The curfew does not apply to essential services, such as fire, police and hospitals, including patient transport. The curfew also does not apply to people who go to their place of work to report for work and return to their residence when their work is finished.

Residents are encouraged to return to the city by 11:59 p.m. to avoid possible traffic delays once the curfew takes effect.

To manage access to Residential Districts, the following restrictions will apply:

  • Residents will be able to access the South of the Fifth Ward only via Alton Road, Washington Avenue and Collins Avenue.
  • Residents will be able to access the Flamingo Park neighborhood via Alton Road. Access will not be permitted from Washington Avenue.
  • In addition to existing LPRs along major thoroughfares, mobile LPRs will be used along the 5th Street corridor.
  • All driveways leading to City-owned parking garages located within the curfew zone will be closed from 9 p.m. until Monday, March 20.
  • Vehicles can leave the car parks at any time. Holders of a resident and employee access card will be able to access the parking lots.
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