Meghan Markle could relaunch her blog 'The Tig'

Meghan Markle could relaunch her blog ‘The Tig’

The reasons behind this decision are unknown at the moment, but they could well be related to a possible relaunch of his blog. It was her most trusted lawyer, Marjorie Witter Norman, who formalized the request in July 2021, according to various British media reports, although the procedures were carried out by his manager Andrew Meyer.

The Tig reached more than remarkable audience ratings until 2017, when the website was permanently closed as a result of the sentimental relationship that Meghan Markle already had with Prince Harry of England, with whom she married in May 2018.

The Duchess may now have considered reviving her space, which is understandable given that she is no longer part of the first line of monarchical representation, and once again invite numerous experts to delve into the issues that she has traditionally dealt with in her writings, related with a positive attitude, self-love and physical and mental care.

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