Marvel’s Avenger: How to Get Iron Man’s New War Machine Skin for Free

Marvel’s Avenger: How to Get Iron Man’s New War Machine Skin for Free

When Square Enix said a few months ago that it would be ending post-launch support for Marvel’s Avengers, it wasn’t figuratively speaking: the company will stop releasing content updates for the title in the fall of this year 2023; although that may lead to another announcement that many of us are eagerly awaiting, just like my pal Sergio told you. in this other article.

The fact is that there is still time for Square Enix to definitively put Marvel’s Avengers in the drawer and the truth is that the company does not stop running promotions regarding the game in order to thank the community that has supported it all throughout all these years. Also; this time it’s your turn to a new War Machine skin for the Iron Man character that we can get for free. Then I’ll tell you how.

Get a new War Machine skin for free in Marvel’s Avengers

  • This skin will be delivered in the next 2.8 game update to players who meet a very specific requirement
  • To unlock it, you will need to have at least one in-game trophy or achievement; simply that
  • You will have until April 1 to do so. if you miss the date you won’t get the skin
  • Then I leave you with the video that They published so you can see it with your own eyes

Finally, I can only tell you that I will be attentive to the next steps Marvel’s Avengers takes towards its final destination to see if Square Enix is ​​incentivized to run a similar promotion in the coming months. The truth is it seems like a good idea to me that they turned the character they promised would come into the game into a free skin and he won’t do so anymore so it doesn’t surprise me that they have even more surprises roll up their sleeves in the same direction.

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