Maria Aguilar became one of the most critically acclaimed singles from the sixth edition of island of temptations. The confidence she shows in herself and her conquest of david cowboy They did it not to the liking of many.

Her conversations that revolve around sex and the way she disrespects David’s apparent noness have made her the target of much criticism. It didn’t help his time on set where his provocative attitude did not convince many.

The problem is that the criticisms are no longer just about his time on the program, but have extended to his physique. In the city, We’ve seen her in a bikini all the time and it seems like not everyone liked her anatomy..

In a few days in which the fatophobia debate erupted due to comments about the physical change of Berta Vazquez on the Goya Awards red carpet, she experienced the same thing.

Mary responds

But she is small. It was clear she wasn’t going to stay silent. “You are a Seat Ibiza and Elena a Ferrari. Go on a diet“, told him a follower while following the trail of Shakira.

“I don’t need to diet, I like my body that way. I don’t consider myself a fat person, but if I was, what would happen? I can’t love myself like this? Make him look,” she replied insistently to keep quiet.

She is beautiful and she has 13 kg left in the wild“, insisted the same follower. And there was no shortage of women to defend him. “And what you lack is education. Let’s see if you learn not to think about anyone’s physique and stuff,” another follower commented.

embarrassing comments“, he writes in his stories where he reproduces these messages. and he did not hesitate to show, too, a comment which showed him that “there are also some very nice peopleI’ll stick with that.”


“I’m older than you and I’ve come a long way in this life and I’ll tell you that you seem like a good girl, natural and you went to the island to have a good time and give it your All. you look like a woman“, commented a follower, “don’t let anyone make you bitter nor does it generate trauma when people tell you you’re fat. Everything is desire. They got a lot of me.”

“Keep on being yourself, enjoy life that lasts 2 days and always hold your head up high. What bothers people the most is seeing you and what’s happening to them“, he concluded by saying.


Messages that María Aguilar receives after crossing “The Island of Temptations”. / @mariabrunn / Instagram

It is clear that María saw the two faces of popularity. We still have a lot to see from her in the series. Will David continue with her?

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