Manuel Turizo pays tribute to his origins with ‘2000’, his new album

Manuel Turizo pays tribute to his origins with ‘2000’, his new album

Finally the day has come. After his success last year, Manuel Turizo presents their long-awaited new album, 2000. After his first two albums, dopamine, from 2021; And DNAfrom 2019; The Colombian has shed light on his new project.

Manuel Turizo is in the best moment of his career after having crossed borders, including language, with its global success Bachata. This catchy song is the artist’s most-streamed song on Spotify by far, and that’s it It has over 900 million views.

Almost a year later, we can listen now 2000. The album is made up of 15 original songs that represent the essence and the charm that characterize so much the Colombian. Some songs included in the disc like Bachata, Ecstasy with Maria Becerra; And The meringue, his latest collaboration with Marshmello; We already know them, but there are more than ten unreleased songs.

2000, in addition to giving his name to the album, is the year of birth of the artist. That is why in this project he wanted to pay homage to his origins and to the culture that influenced him so much in his musical career.

In this long-awaited album, Manuel Turizo wanted surprise his followers with a journey through different styles through the songs that compose it. From pop-latino that mixes with R&B that presents Sadto the pop-urban fusion of boyfriend fucking or the rhythm with electric guitars which brings Spite. All this without forgetting the romanticism and the lyrics with love at the center that have characterized Manuel Turizo throughout his career.

2000 tour Latin America tour

Manuel Turizo fans in Latin America are in luck. The Colombian debuted on February 4 in Mexico on 2000 tourwith which he will present his new songs to his audience over the next few months and until August.

For now, Turizo will pass through more than 30 cities in Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. In this first stage, the tour also has a date confirmed in Canada.

It is hoped that Manuel Turizo will eventually cross the pond with 2000 tour and we can enjoy him and his music in our country! At the moment, we can listen to his new and third album, 2000. What’s your favorite song?

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