MadCup: Date of the ElRubius Fortnite tournament with non-professional influencers, discover some participants

MadCup: Date of the ElRubius Fortnite tournament with non-professional influencers, discover some participants

Fortnite’s Otaku Season it’s already there and Rubius couldn’t let go. The two things he loves most come together: Anime and Fortnite. Well, it might not be his favorite thing, but it means a lot to him. His YTBattleRoyal tournament was a success in 2018 and had a peak in live viewership that the Hispanic community won’t be able to forget.

Well, we return to this style of event but on Twitch. The MadCup recovers this essence of an influencer tournament without participants knowing how to play. We come from some SquidCraft Games where there was controversy because it was said the ability wasn’t going to influence but it did.

In this case, there will be €50,000 in prize money for the tournament winners. Who is your favorite to win the pot?

MadCup attendees

This is why this tournament it will only be for creators who play casually or have never touched the game. The problem is that The list of participants has not yet been announced.although we have seen players who have already trained, we can assume that participate in:

  • Fox
  • BeardQ
  • Teat
  • Grefg (even if it’s a bit pro)
  • Elxokas
  • Cristinini
  • Raptors
  • Marianne
  • King
  • Aldo
  • rivers
  • VT chain
  • From Kopur
  • Carrera
  • Aitore
  • Alvaro Storm

For now there is no more confirmation. Augustin51 is out by “pro” and there’s been a bit of a fuss about it. Him too CNCO Singer, Christopher Velez, asked to participate but Rubius did not confirm your participation.
It is possible that throughout the day more participants will leave and even the complete list in the Rubius Twitter.

Schedule and where to see the Rubius Fortnite tournament

The tournament will take place on Saturday March 18.

The time has also not been confirmed., but being a tournament that brings together Latin America and Spain, we can guess the schedule. On the 18-19 in the afternoon, Spanish time, the tournament should start:

  • SpainAndorra: 6 p.m.
  • Argentina, BrazilChile, Paraguay, Uruguay: 14:00
  • Dominican RepublicBolivia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela: 1:00 p.m.
  • Colombia, Ecuador, CubaPeru, Panama: 12:00
  • Mexico, Costa Rica, GuatemalaNicaragua, HondurasEl Salvador: 11:00 a.m.

will be 5 sets of different formats. The main will be Onlybut there will be combinations of duets there Teams as in other tournaments that Rubius has organized.

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