Four days have passed since the launch of Lola Indigo on the market The Dragonhis third album, and we can already see the fruit of more than two years of work. The idiotthe collaboration with Quevedo which was released as a single the same day it was released, managed to become No. 1 on Spotify Spain with over a million views in its first 24 hours., be #1 in YouTube trends and enter the Spotify Global Top 200. On the day of its release, moreover, 10 of the 11 songs entered the top 200 of the platform in Spain.

An important step in her career that the singer wanted to thank through her social networks with a message addressed to her fans: “I love you very much, this is the first number 1 of my career and I am VERY HAPPY because we have worked hard all these years and what do we deserve?. Thank you Quevedo little brother I love you very much”, he wrote for his two million followers on Instagram.

Your participation in Los40 Primavera POP 2023, endless promotional interviews and two record signings later, no doubt 2023 will be the year of Lola Indigo. The woman from Granada is in a cloud after giving birth to this project and, in the last hours, He wanted to share with his fans on TikTok a video of the night in which he created the chorus of his hit with the Canarian artist.

No clue as to the exact year in which this night is located (some fans in the comments are talking about 2020 because of Mimi’s appearance), what is known, in the words of Lola Indigo herself, is that at the time of the recording of the shared video, she had been drinking a little: “like it wasn’t obvious he was winking‘ confirmed between the comments.

At the same time, in his Instagram Stories, he wanted to celebrate the good performance of the song post some behind the scenes footage from the day of the music video shootwhere we can see her sharing the camera with her friend Quevedo, whom we know thanks to her interview before performing in Los40 Primavera POP 2023 whom she met at the time of the release of Night has fallenTwo years ago.

Without a doubt The idiot It’s already become one of the songs of the year and it’s more than clear that we won’t stop dancing to it all summer long.. And you, do you join the fever of The Dragon?

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