Leticia Dolera shares her concern about the harmful effects of pornography on young people

Leticia Dolera shares her concern about the harmful effects of pornography on young people

Leticia Dolera She has become an active feminist who fights for women’s equality and that’s why this 8M was one of the guests of TV days. He spoke, among other things, of his series perfect lives.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of mothers and I discovered a lot of taboos around motherhood. The one that particularly caught my attention was the taboo with the vulva,” she admitted.

“Many women, who had given birth vaginally, told me that they have been unable to look at their vulva for a year“, she told what she discovered while documenting for this series in which she tried to get as close as possible to motherhood. “They were afraid it looked like a burger,” she added, drawing laughter from the audience.

her vulva, censored

But it’s not a joke, it’s reality and she wanted to reflect it in her series of which she, in addition to being the creator, was the protagonist. “There is an important moment when my character looks at her vulva with a mirror. I did that stunt with my vulva ’cause it looked like a political stunt. The series could be counted without this shot, but it seemed important to me to show the genitals outside of a sexual or erotic context”, he said of a censored scene in countries like the United States. United.

“I find it very striking that images of rape, violence or weapons are not censored. But a vulva, half in the shade and which has a great significance, cannot be seen because it is too“, he declared in the program of Julia Otero there Caroline Iglesias.

Among other things, she attended several deliveries to see them with her own eyes: “A delivery is something very radical, very strong and millions of people have gone through it. So in Barcelona, ​​they let me attend some deliveries. I was in natural birth. and in epidural delivery. I passed out because I could see everything and it was a bad idea. I saw an operation with forceps in which liquids started to come out and I fell to the ground“.

And all of this wanted to be reflected in a series that gave her a lot of joy, but for which she was also very questioned. Now she is involved in another project which also helps her to make new discoveries which mark the goals of her fight.

Worry about pornography

“I think we have two challenges, we have a lot of them because the machismo is structural and the change is very radical and very systemic, but I think we have two very important challenges ahead of us: the abolition of prostitution, reproductive exploitation and pornography“, he listed.

And she is especially concerned about the issue of pornography: “I’m doing research for a new project where the protagonists would be teenagers. I have spoken to many psychologists who work with children and they are very concerned about the harmful effects that pornography has on the heads of our young people”.

I’m sure we’ll have more news about this project soon.

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