Last part of the new Florida FAST school test

Last part of the new Florida FAST school test

The FAST, or Florida Assessment of Student Critical Thinking, is the new tool that measures academic progress in math from pre-K through eighth grade and reading from pre-K through ten. And it is awarded three times a year.

Teachers say FAST is effective because with the results of the first two tests, they can identify a student’s academic shortcomings and help them before the third and final assessment, which is the one that matters, especially for third and tenth years.

The only exception would be students learning English.

And because FAST is only available via computer, the results are immediate. And also the program works with the student when he takes the exam.

The district advises that we will not be able to compare how much students learned from this course because last year the test was different. But Augusto says that for him something simple.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will be the first to take the third test in April. And then from third to tenth will take the test in May.

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