The Kings League is on fire, the first moves have already started and it’s crazy

Only one signature per team, only one offer per president. Everything that happened on this first day of Mercatto in the league of kings it was crazy. Presidents could talk to two players during market hours, just five minutes each. But already in the first 20 minutes of the market, three clauses were sent to the league

It seems that there have been betrayalswe see at Adri Contreras devastated during the whole hour of negotiations. Ultimately, if a team sends in an offer they can’t make for another player, although surely they could have changed their offer after sending it if they wanted to switch players. It’s what’s left in the Kings League post at the end of the hour of trading that counts.

All changes to Kings League squads

Changes in 1K

  • Go in: Guerrero (42M€/Kunisports). No clause and almost without speaking to the player.
  • Money left: 58 millions.

Changes in FC annihilators

  • Go in: Paul ZZ (€40m/El Barrio). expensive signature but they steal it from Adri.
  • Money left: 60 millions.

Changes in the neighborhood

  • Go in: Kilian (1M€/Porcinos FC). Commitment with Ibai to trade him for Jacobo.
  • Sale: Jacobo, Olae, Pau ZZ and Beguer.
  • Money left: 213 millions.

Changes at Jijantes FC

  • Go in: David Lopez (20M€/Porcinos FC). No clause but the change has been discussed before.
  • Money left: 80 millions.

Changes at Kunisports

  • Go in: Christmas (€55m/Los Troncos FC). And the Kun celebrates it after announcing it. Noel said he didn’t want to sign and Kunisports also paid the clause.
  • Sale: Guerrero.
  • Money left: 87 millions.

Changes at Los Troncos FC

  • Go in: You (30 M€/Ultimate Mostoles). They leave DjMariio without a guardian and they hadn’t even spoken to the player.
  • Sale: Christmas.
  • Money left: 125 millions.

FC PIO Changes

  • Go in: Good morning (1M€/The District). This change there was no pactPIO paid the clause although El Barrio hoped they wouldn’t withdraw it. Maybe they changed their mind for the rest of the markets.
  • Money left: 99 millions.

Changes to Porcinos FC

  • Go in: Jacob (1M€/The District). Reserved while Adri held back tears. Commitment with Adri Contreras to trade him for Jacobo.
  • Sale: Kilian, David Lopez.
  • Money left: 120 millions.

Changes in the Barcelona Radius

  • Go in: Nacho (15 M€/Ultimate Mostoles). The pacts are over and Spursito had said he wanted a goalkeeper so much so that Canet had a rivalry.
  • Money left: 85 millions.

Changes in Ultimate Mostoles

  • Go in: thrilled (1M€/Saiyans FC). Commitment with TheGrefg.
  • Sale: Alex, Nacho, Iu.
  • Money left: 145 millions.

Changes in the xBuyer team

  • Go in: drink (€72m/El Barrio). The biggest signing and Adri Contreras leaves the Cupra Arena.
  • Money left: 28 millions.

Changes to Saiyans FC

  • Go in: alexander (1M€/Ultimate Mostoles). Pact with Mario.
  • Sale: Thrilled
  • Money left: 100 millions.

This was the first moves in the Kings League And now the most important window opens: transfers, negotiations and clauses. Come a month of movements in the transfer market.

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