Karol G anticipates summer with a well-deserved swim on the beach: “How beautiful you are”

Karol G anticipates summer with a well-deserved swim on the beach: “How beautiful you are”

Karl G. became one of the great protagonists of the music industry this year. And it is that the release of his album Mañana Será Bonito has become one of the biggest milestones of this first quarter, making his songs the soundtrack of his millions of fans. And it is that we all need to hear a message of hope in the darkest times of our lives.

After the premiere of this long-awaited project, the bichota did not cease to occupy the front pages of all the media. Faced with the pressure and tightness of his schedule, he took advantage between two concerts in Puerto Rico to make a more than deserved getaway.

The artist enjoyed a day of disconnection on Isla del Encanto, where she bathed in the sea and reconnected with her own “I”. “I wanted a day for me, to give thanks and enjoy…and that’s how it looks in the photos,” he says in the description of his latest Instagram post.

In the photo gallery she shared, she poses in a bikini on the sand of this beautiful Puerto Rican island and enjoys a good platter of chips. “Mamasita”, “In love” and “How beautiful you are” are some of the compliments that can be read between the comments.

No doubt this moment of disconnection has helped Karol G regain strength and pursue her professional commitments with which she promotes her new album.

One of the songs most appreciated by fans of the Colombian is While I heal my heartwhose music video was released earlier this month and took us straight to Hawaii. His images convey peace, tranquility and a dose of positive energy that we all need at some point in our lives.

And for you, what is your favorite song from tomorrow will be beautiful?

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