The anime of “Jujutsu Kaisenis clearly one of the favorites in the industry today, and one of the most successful points of the book bears its own name: Gojo Satoru. The most powerful wizard of all not only has this title for his merits with the forbidden techniques, but also holds the title of most charismatic. Such is so, that a fan invested over 200 working days in creating a short film that combines live-action and CGI to bring the character in question to life.

This Gojo-Centric Live Jujutsu Kaisen Is Brief, But Incredibly Spectacular

Without further ado, I prefer to leave you directly with the work of the hand of Axion Digitalbecause the result is really stunning:

  • I think we can agree that the mere fact that ONE PERSON created a video like this is absolutely spectacular. Yes, it may have taken 200 days and it’s very short lived, but the end result justifies all of that and more.
  • Although I link you directly to the result of all the work, previous minutes of the same video show how the process of creating this live adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen was. It wasn’t just about wanting to capture the essence of Gojo Satoru, but the 3D modeling work behind it all is overwhelming.
  • Seeing another of the many fan projects that exist to adapt anime to live action, it’s impossible to wonder How would “official” films behave if they cared as much about the final product as they do in these cases?. Basically because if at some point it’s decided there should be a real Jujutsu Kaisen movie, the Gojo on duty will have a hard time competing with that scene.

Likewise, I will remember that it has already arisen a live fan project “Jujutsu Kaisen” about 7 months ago, and the truth is that the ambition was much greater than that of this little short film. Why am I saying such a thing? Well, because they decided to create a “mini-film” of more than 50 minutes of duration which already retains more than 700 thousand reproductions. You can find it via this linkIf you are interested.

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