January 6 Committee gives Donald Trump more days to comply with the subpoena

January 6 Committee gives Donald Trump more days to comply with the subpoena

After making official the citation of Donald Trump by the Select Committee investigating the assault on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, the former president will have an additional week to comply with the deadline to deliver the documentation that the Chamber Panel has requested.

House Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson and Vice Chairman Liz Cheney sent a statement confirming that Donald Trump has additional days to gather the documents they need to continue the investigation.

“We have received correspondence from the former president and his attorney regarding the Select Committee subpoena. And we have informed the former president’s lawyer that should start producing logs no later than next week and that he remains under subpoena for deposition testimony as of November 14,” reads the letter published by The Washington Post.

According to the information that the Panel has made available, the summons to the 45th president of the United States, to give his testimony was sent from October 21, where he also ordered him to testify under oath on November 14.

On October 13, the Select Committee held the last public hearing where they presented the evidence they have collected during more than a year of investigation. AND That same day, in a unanimous vote, the agreement was reached to summon Donald J. Trump to testify before a grand jury.

On Friday, November 4, the former president launched a call to make it clear that precisely on November 14 he will announce whether he is running as a 2024 presidential candidate to seek a second term. Therefore, so far confirming whether he will appear to testify is not clear.

The Committee’s summons gives a list of detailed documents and communications expected to be released by Trump, including phone records, text messages or any communication related to January 6, 2021, whether exchanged with members of Congress, members of militias or extremist groups.

Likewise, it is specified in the summons that both the president and the vice president of the Committee argued that their efforts to want to nullify the results of the elections in 2020 were illegal.

For now, the Committee members who have secured testimony from Trump allies, as well as officials who were involved, They had already commented that they still do not have a strategy to force the former president to comply with the subpoena, if you refuse to cooperate voluntarily. Although one of his alternatives is to declare him in contempt.

Legal experts and attorneys representing clients involved in the investigation told The Washington Post that the Justice Department is unlikely to ultimately prosecute Trump for contempt of Congress.

Important officials such as Mark Meadows and Lindsey Graham have sought alternatives to avoid testifying before the jury and being able to testify regarding the actions they took to try to keep Donald Trump in power and that this led to the attack on Capitol Hill.

Other allies of the former president, including former advisers, former lawyers, have already testified, most in private. The Select Committee needs to deliver a final report of their investigations before the end of this year, although so far they do not have a specific date.

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