Jackson Hospital Announces Suspension of Adult Heart Transplant Program

Jackson Hospital Announces Suspension of Adult Heart Transplant Program

Idle, on temporary hiatus, and on purpose is how the Miami Transplant Institute has set up its adult heart transplant program, while Jackson Health, UHEALTH, and the University of Miami are reviewing the care they offer.

Dr. Gilberto Concepción, Interventional Cardiologist, says:

“They have informed me that they will be taking steps to transfer him to the Cleveland clinic. They are working to transfer patients who are almost ready for a transplant, or who are on the waiting list, to proceed. to the transplant when the organ is available”.

According to the Miami Transplant Institute, he said he would not be accepting new patients, he was transferring existing patients to other centers, and the pediatric heart transplant program was unaffected and that he was continuing his program of mechanical hearts.

The adult heart transplant program at Jackson and the University of Miami is also under review by the United Network for Organ Donation, UNOS, which is overseen by the federal government.

Electrophysiologist Cardiologist Dr. Efraín González says:

“It appears to be a federal restructuring, rather than a local issue.”

Now, amidst this complex panorama, what option do those who are still waiting for a heart transplant have? That’s what we asked a doctor at HCA Florida Kendall Hospital.

Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Michael Sasevich says:

“It’s a left ventricular assist device, known as LVAD. It’s a mechanical pump that works with magnets, the only one approved in the United States by the FDA, which is surgically implanted and can help pump blood for people with heart failure awaiting a transplant.It can be used for up to 10 years.

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