if anything can say the anthill very loud and clear is that it is one of the most successful shows in television programming. Night after night it achieves frightening viewership data and it is, nothing more or less, the result of all the hard work behind it. It is one of the favorite entertainment programs and Pablo Motos and his ants welcome 3 very varied faces on the Antena set who always manages to give us large doses of humor.

However, this Monday, May 1, Labor DayIt’s a public holiday all over Spain and that’s got a lot of people wondering whether or not there will be a broadcast from 9.45pm as usual, as on some occasions its holiday lineup has been modified.

Well, the answer is yes. The anthill 3.0. will remain unchanged and will do its four weekly broadcasts corresponding. So, below we will tell you which faces will visit Pablo Motos and his ants during the week from May 1 to May 4 inclusive:

Monday, May 1, Ilia Topuria

The week begins with a visit, for the first time in the history of the Ilia torupia. A martial arts fighter known as “El Matador”. He is the first big star of this sport in our country and he earns his place, since he has 13 victories and no defeats.

Tuesday May 2, Hugo Silva

The anthill 3.0. will welcome one of the most experienced artists in our country, Hugo Silva. The actor will take to the set of Antena 3 to talk about his new comedy, headless chickens, which premiered April 28 on HBO. The series is about a representative of a football player, Beto, whose life falls apart when his best player fires him and his girlfriend leaves him.

Wednesday May 3, Albert Espinosa and Jesús Janeiro

The week will continue with the visit of the writer Albert Espinosa and the extortionist jesus january, also known as Jesulín de Ubrique. The two will visit the set to talk about the way backthe new program La Sexta which will be broadcast for the first time on May 3.

In this new show, Espinosa will tour different celebrities from the door of her old school to her house, just like they did when they were little. During this trip, the writer will delve a little deeper into the lives of his guests and their experiences.

Thursday, May 4, Ozuna

Finally, the week will put the finishing touches on music and not just any artist. Pablo Motos and his ants will receive Ozuna. The Puerto Rican, who sweeps his songs, will talk about his upcoming performance on May 6 between Real Madrid and Osasuna at Estadio de la Cartuja in Seville. Likewise, he will also give some brushstrokes of what he has prepared for his summer tour in Spain.

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