Interview Vivi K: “I’ve never composed for Tik Tok, it’s a bit anti-music”

Interview Vivi K: “I’ve never composed for Tik Tok, it’s a bit anti-music”

Today we interview Live K, one of the musical promises in Spain. Although he is only 19, he is over 3 years of experience in the music industry. A time that served grow and improve as an artist.

They are alsoninspiration comes mainly from female artists who have revolutionized music, among them are Rosalia or Snoh ​​Aalegra. His versatility and soft voice blend perfectly with Lofi or urban style rhythms.. Then we leave you the conversation we had.

Q: Who is Vivi K? Where does your stage name come from?

A: K live She’s an artist from Madrid who has been making music since she was 15 in a more professional way, but since I can remember it’s always been my dream. I have been pursuing my career as an artist since my birth. My stage name comes from my name, Victoria as a nickname and to shorten it a bit I called myself Vivi. I don’t know the letter K well, the truth is that I wanted to put a cool letter and I said well, the K is beautiful.

Q: How did your project start?

A: Well, as I mentioned before, it started at an early age. Music has always been my dream and that’s why my mother signed me up for piano lessons since I started school. He gave many hours of piano from the age of 4 to 14 every week. I learned a lot this way and I am very grateful to my parents. Then I wanted to learn how to teach guitar and couldn’t, so I asked my best friend for a guitar and learned with YouTube tutorials.

That’s how I learned to play and at the age of 15 I started to write and sing my own songs. Then I would take typography beats from YouTube and sing along to it, which is how my first songs were born.

Q: How did you deal with being so young in the music industry?

A: The truth is that I handled it very well, it helped me a lot to mature and improve as an artist.

Q: How did your first song come about?

A: Well, I was in school and had no money, but I really wanted to make music, so I did the cheapest thing, bought some beats from YouTube and sang along. I recorded it in a seedy studio in Usera for 30 euros. Also, I made a lot of mistakes. For example, I released it in August when it’s something that never happens. I was a girl who knew nothing about music, but it helped me a lot to learn and grow as a person and an artist.

“I had no money. I recorded it in a seedy studio in Usera for 30 euros”

Q: Since you released your first song, where have you seen the most evolution?

A: I’m evolving every day, it’s something I start thinking about and overnight I’m evolving. There are times when I’m in the studio and I do things that I didn’t know how to do before and I feel very proud. Little by little, by working hard, I realize that I am learning a lot more than I think.

Q: Which artists inspired you to compose your music?

A: A lot, there are artists that I take a lot of references from lately. For example, one of my biggest inspirations to date comes from artist Erykah Badu. I am also very attached to Lauryn Hill. I think those two are my references today.

Q: How was the process of creating this latest song “is real”?

A: We were super inspired in the studio listening to Snoh ​​Aalegra’s songs. I had these sounds in my head for a long time and wanted to do something similar. I wanted to make a song about love, based on real facts. I always try to talk about my feelings and wanted to say something special. That’s why I called it “it’s real”. I wanted to experiment, I didn’t want to do flat reggaeton.

Q: How do you feel when you collaborate with D3llano, how is he in the studio?

A: He’s a crack, we work hard and we understand each other very well, I think there’s a lot of chemistry.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with?

A: Muramasa, I would love to produce with him. And artists, with Snoha Aalegra or Rosalía would be a dream for me. Also with Don Toliver.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: I hope to see myself in peace, calm, being good people having a cocktail on a paradise beach. To be a businesswoman.

Q: Also, you have 150,000 followers on Tik Tok, how do you manage this network to promote your music?

A: It’s very complicated, Tik Tok requires a lot of perseverance, it’s very difficult. You have to publish a lot and know how to understand it. Sometimes Spotify works better for me organically.

Q: Have you ever thought of composing music for Tik Tok?

R: No, never, what a horror. I make music, if it goes viral later, that’s great, but I can’t imagine composing just for Tik Tok. It’s a bit anti-music. If it ever crossed my mind, I killed that idea second.

Q: Do you think there is a certain hatred of artists with a large number of followers on Tik Tok?

A: No, I do not think so. Maybe there is some type of aversion to artists who were born on Tik Tok and later became artists. But minimize no.

Q: Have you ever been put down for being so young in the music industry?

A: No never. People also didn’t know my exact age, but they always treated me well and with great respect.

With this, the artist says goodbye, an ambitious and enthusiastic person for music. From LOS40 we recommend you to listen to him and try to understand his music.

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