If you missed it, the most viewed of the week

If you missed it, the most viewed of the week

Here are some of the most viewed stories this week on Telemundo51.com:


A Florida judge has sentenced a 16-year-old boy to life in prison for fatally stabbing a 13-year-old classmate on Mother’s Day 2021. Aiden Fucci was 14 when he stabbed Tristyn Bailey at least 114 times in the woods near where the teenagers lived in North Florida, prosecutors said.

“This case is probably the toughest and most impactful that St. Johns County has ever tried,” Judge Lee R. Smith said before ordering life in prison for Fucci, who pleaded guilty just before the his trial began in February and who was not eligible for the death penalty due to his young age at the time of the events, which is why his lawyers had requested a 40-year sentence. Your case can be reviewed within 25 years under Florida law.

Before invoking sentencing, the judge addressed Bailey’s family, noting the huge effect the girl’s murder had on them. “Let the ‘Bailey Sunday Fundays’ come home to you,” she said, adding that Tristyn wished her family had fun again. He also said he appreciated that his father, Forrest Bailey, was patient with the legal proceedings.

The judge’s order follows two days of testimony at a sentencing hearing, during which statements of emotional impact on the victim were read in court by members of the Bailey family. Her older sister, Alexis Bailey, began her statement by dropping 114 aquamarine stone hearts into a jar, one for each stab wound her sister had received.

Fucci’s grandmother, Deborah Spiwak, also attended the hearing and pleaded for clemency for her grandson. “Please don’t take him out of our lives forever…I know there’s something good about Aiden.” The judge noted her comment, saying, “It took a lot of courage. It wasn’t easy for her. But it showed this court that she had a good, stable home environment,” Smith told about Fucci’s upbringing.

Fucci and her parents each wrote letters to the judge apologizing for their actions and asking for clemency. Investigators said Fucci told several friends he planned to kill someone, though it’s unclear if Bailey was his target all along.


Mississippi, Utah, Oklahoma and South Carolina currently have laws that allow firing squads if no other method of execution is available, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Republican Idaho Gov. Brad Little has signed into law legislation allowing death row inmates to be executed by firing squad, as the state recently resorted to ancient methods of capital punishment due to a shortage of deadly injection drugs across the country.

“In signing this law, it is important to note that justice can and should be served by minimizing the stress on prison staff,” Little said in a letter. “For those on death row, a jury found them guilty of crimes and legally sentenced them to death. It is the responsibility of the State of Idaho to uphold the law and ensure that legitimate criminal convictions are carried out.”

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The execution of a convict in Idaho has been repeatedly postponed due to a lack of drugs. The law provides for recourse to the brigade only if the State does not obtain the drugs necessary for the lethal injection. More and more pharmaceutical companies are banning the use of their products for executions on the grounds that their intent is to save lives.

Some states have retrofitted their electric chairs in case the drugs are not available. Others have studied – and in some cases used – implementation methods that had not yet been tried. The South Carolina law is suspended due to a court appeal.

In 2018, Nevada executed Carey Dean Moore with an unprecedented combination that included the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl. Alabama has built a device to execute people with nitrogen gas to induce hypoxia, but has yet to use it.


Surveillance footage of the shooting, which injured three teenagers, two of them in serious condition, in West Philadelphia, has been released by police in an effort to locate the suspects who are armed and classified as dangerous.

The video shows four masked men taking to the street facing Frazier Street in the 5600 block of Lansdowne Avenue armed with rifles and semi-automatic pistols. The foursome fired approximately 70 shots before fleeing down Lansdowne Avenue towards 56th Street around 4:00 p.m. on March 20.

Philadelphia Police Captain James Kearney told a news conference they suspect the individuals, all teenagers or minors, dismounted and then fled from a pick-up truck. up Gray Honda CRV. This vehicle was later found on fire in another area of ​​the City of Brotherly Love.

Isabel Sánchez reports from Philadelphia where they released surveillance footage of an ambush-style shooting on Frazier Street.

Authorities said the following are the descriptions of the suspects:

  • Man with light-colored masks, dark jacket, jeans and white sports shoes.
  • Man in black mask, sturdy winter coat with hood, dark pants and dark sports shoes.
  • Man wearing transparent face mask, black hoodie, dark pants and gloves.
  • Man wearing dark mask, black hoodie, dark pants and sport shoes.

Anyone with information leading to an arrest can call 215-686-TIPS (8477) or text 215-686-TIPS (8477). Authorities continue to investigate the cause that led to such a display of street violence.

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