have you ever played Honkai Impact 3rd? And you will know that their creators are the same as those of Genshin Impact, No? Well you will also know that for some time they have been developing a new game called Honkai: Star Rail, that although it has the same name as the saga Honkai, the truth is that this game will be quite different in terms of gameplay. And it aims to be highly addictive, especially for lovers of the classic JRPG genre, such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or even Pokemon.

As you can see, there was already a closed beta of Honkai: Stellar Rail since last February. This could indicate that the release of the game should finally be close, something to keep in mind since it was announced for 2022, but there was never any mention of a delay in its release date. So, you’ve already read the title, and now you can make room in your diary to discover the first of the When will this new title be released?

Honkai: Star Rail Announces Replay to Reveal Release Date

It went through his official Twitter account from the game where they revealed this show which I will talk about below:

  • This show will take place on March 24
  • It will be, precisely, at 12:30 a.m. (Spanish peninsula time)
  • You can see it on:

What will they reveal on the show?

Well, the most important will be Honkai: Star Rail release date finally, which I remind you will arrive for free on mobiles and PC (for the moment we do not know anything about an arrival on consoles). They will also reveal pre-upload date to hit him before anyone else.

What do you think? Do you want to play this title or are you lazy that it is a turn-based battle? As a big fan of classic JRPGs, I’m sure this is going to blow me away from start to finish.

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