Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock the True Ending Game

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Unlock the True Ending Game

We have reached the end point of the story of Hogwarts Legacy; this point where the main adventure ends and gives us the possibility of completing the rest of the secondary tasks that we must carry out in its open world. If you have already completed the mission that receives the name of The Shadows of the Revelation of the game (of which I leave you the guide in this other article), You will have seen how the game ended… or not?

The thing is, Back at Hogwarts Castle, Professor Weasley will send us another mission., which we will have to complete to see the last cinematic of the game or, in other words, the true end of Hogwarts Legacy. Then I tell you everything you need to do to make it happen in the following guide.

Guide to seeing the latest Hogwarts Legacy cinematic

I will not put photos in the following direction because I don’t want to give you any kind of spoiler; although let me tell you, the final cutscene of the game was, at least for me, hugely disappointing. Either way, it’s worth contacting her to keep playing the game and because you’ll get a trophy or achievement if you do.

  • The condition to access this mission is to reach level 34
  • If the level difference you have is very large, I recommend downloading it quickly by doing three specific things:
    • Complete all the side missions you can 1⃣
    • Clear enemy camps (defeating rivals is what gives the most experience quickly in the game) 2⃣
    • Collect all the collectibles you see: balloons, constellations, field guide pages, etc 3⃣
  • Once you reach level 34 you will need to go to the Great Hall, talk to Professor Weasley there and make way for the last cinematic of the game

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