Google Maps is one of the applications that lately has become essential for many users who maintain the system andorid and that they use it to get their bearings and not get lost each time they want to visit a new place. the tool mountain view It is always looking to give a facelift to its tool and to be up to date, offering its users a new version.

Traveling is something we all love. We dream of visiting our favorite cities from start to finish, feeling like Selena Van de Woodsen in Gossip Girl visit Times Squares, see the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most important symbols of Berlin, discover the 7 wonders of the world or even see Big Ben, but sometimes it remains a dream due to lack of resources or time.

One of the most requested and long awaited features is 3D graphics that allow us to teleport to some of the most important cities on our planet without even moving, but make it as real as possible. In fact, it was September 2022 when Google Maps announced that the immersive view would be coming soon, however, the wait has been longer than expected.

What can we do with Google Maps in 3D?

This new version will offer a 3D perspective, but for now only the most important ones. With this function you can see the best perspectives of the emblematic cities and thus imagine what its monuments and streets look like before walking on them.

This way of seeing the world is available after searching for a localized area and browsing the photo gallery for that location. It will be there when “immersive view” appears in the tags and once given we can observe 3D graphics. However, one of the drawbacks is that it consumes a lot of data, so it is advisable to use it on WiFi.

This new tool was quick to leak on the networks, generating a shower of opinions from users. On the one hand, there are those who think it’s a nice feature, which offers a host of benefits for those who can’t move around frequently and also for those who prefer to get an idea of ​​what the cities before paying. Flights. However, there are others who, although they think it is a good tool, prefer the iOS version for its simplicity.

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