Fortnite: how to get a new packaging for free and much more at the Lantern Festival

Fortnite: how to get a new packaging for free and much more at the Lantern Festival

If long ago you said that Fortnite manages to maintain its popularity also during this same year through promotions with free items offered by Epic Games, maybe it’s time to repeat it. Above all, because the company announced a few days ago the rewards that we can obtain with the new spring 2023 eventbut today he revealed all the details we needed to know about another batch of items.

The promotion in question that I want to talk about in this article has to do with with the Fortnite event known as the Lantern Festival, in which we can obtain a series of free rewards if we fulfill a series of specific requirements. Then I’m going to tell you what the whole movement is about thanks to the data that Found Epic Games so you can get the most out of it.

All the free Fortnite Lantern Festival rewards and how to get them

  • To start, we will have to enter a specific map of the creative mode
  • The island code you need to enter is: 3691-9667-3697
  • The event will be available until April 22
  • There we will be specified a series of missions that we will have to accomplish
  • The good thing is that these are quite simple enough for us to overcome them normally, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with them
  • Among the rewards Epic Games is highlighting are a new weapon skin, additional experience points for the Battle Pass and other items which I show you below

How to search an island in Fortnite Creative with a code?

  • The first thing you will need to do is to access Fortnite itself 1⃣
  • Once in the lobby, you will have to choose the mode 2⃣
  • Once there, you switch the tabs to the last, which receives the name of Island Code 3⃣
  • It’s when alone You must enter the specific code to take you to the card you want 4⃣

What do you think of this new Fortnite promotion? I remind you that I will be attentive to any other similar movement that Epic Games will make with the aim of telling you how you can get even more free rewards in the game.

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