My head is still spinning ever since Epic Games Announces Creative Mode 2.0, who I’ve already given a cane to so I can bring you a compilation of amazing Fortnite maps in the future. But the wheel continues to turn and the passage of time has made me realize one thing: we are a few days away from the beginning of next April, so it is time for the company announces everything we need to know about the upcoming Fortnite Club rewards.

Said and done, since Epic Games has released a new entry via its official website in which shows what the new skin will look like, what additional rewards will come with it and how we can get them. Then I leave you with the list of news for the month of Fortnite Club April so that you can have the information as close as possible:

All Fortnite Club rewards for April 2023

  • The new skin of Nox Triarca 1⃣
  • He midnight auspice hiking accessory 2⃣
  • The dark peak of Sai 3⃣
  • He harmful packaging 4⃣
  • The Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass if you don’t have it (If you bought it before subscribing, you will be refunded the 950 paVos) 4⃣
  • 1,000 paVos to spend in the shop you will get a specific day of the month 5⃣
  • If you were already a subscriber in February and you are also a subscriber in March, you will get the peak which receives the name of Masterpiece 6⃣
  • Photonic Legacy Set 7⃣
  • If you subscribe before April 1st arrives, you will also receive the March rewards 8⃣
  • Afterwards, I leave you a pack of images in question:

How do I get Fortnite Club’s new October skin?

  • To subscribe Fortnite Club, you can do it through the Battle Pass tab of the game
  • You will receive items from each bundle on the 1st of each month
  • You can only pay with real money, yes. Currently, the subscription costs 11.99 euros
  • If you want to subscribe from your computer, you can do so via this link

Well, there you have all the service news this month. What do you think?

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