A 14-year-old teenager was charged as an adult in a court in the city of Cape Coral, in southwestern Florida (USA), for the robbery with his 11-year-old brother of 22 pistols in an armory in this town, local media reported on Wednesday.

The minor was accused of 22 charges for the crimes of “greater theft of a firearm, robbery, resisting arrest and criminal conduct,” the WINK News channel reported.

The events occurred on June 8, when the teenager along with his brother broke into the Guns 4 Less weapons store that morning.

The owner of the armory received an alert from his security company, and when they checked the surveillance cameras shortly after, they were surprised that the thieves who entered the store were two children.

Police said the 11-year-old boy was quickly apprehended, but the teenager ran off and tried to hide one of the weapons in a street sewer grate.

The 14-year-old boy appeared Tuesday in a court in the aforementioned city, where the judge imposed a bail of 286,000 dollars and prohibited him from any contact with his little brother.

Apparently, the accused minor as an adult had already been in trouble in 2020 for threatening to carry out a mass shooting.

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