Final Antassie XVI This is one of three reasons why in June I’m going to have to eat more tomato rice than I would like (the second is Diablo IV and the third is Street Fighter 6). I entered the saga with Final Fantasy XV, it freaked me out And now I’m looking forward to it with a desire that’s not even half normal. Luckily, Square Enix releases new game stuff often enough that my brain doesn’t get too buzzy in my head.

And precisely, the information that I bring you here has to do with that; specifically, with a slew of new gameplay that Square Enix has released via its official website and that, among other things, they are in charge of reviewing the operation of the fights with summons in the game. Then I leave you with all the details so that you can have them as close as possible.

What are the Eikon in Final Fantasy XVI?

  • The Eikon are the avatars that we can control in certain parts of the game
  • These go the times of the typical invocations of the saga
  • When we control one, the game’s combat will go in a sequence where the mechanics will be somewhat different
  • This implies that our the abilities and movements will change when we control a summon in the game
  • Afterwards, I leave you with a clip in which you can see how this system works

The most accessible Final Fantasy of the saga

  • It is important to remember that Final Fantasy XVI ditches the turn-based system to feature real-time combat
  • The latter is similar to what we can see in the hack n slash genre
  • That is, we can do all kinds of real-time combos by mixing the basic moves with the skills we learn
  • Also, the game will have a difficulty mode in which the fight will be quite easy so that those of you who want to enjoy the story of the game can do so without complications
  • I leave you with the clip corresponding to this section below

Final Fantasy XVI’s ally system

  • We are before an element which He appears in the saga for a long time
  • In this episode we will give orders to teammates to perform certain acts during combat
  • In this case, the clip that I leave you below a fight scene with a dog that will accompany us during the adventure

Finally, I just have to remind you that Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22 as a new PlayStation 5 exclusive. Are you up for it?

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