FIFA 23: Which Premier League LD is the best?  Emerson FUT Birthday vs. Alexander Arnold Centurions

FIFA 23: Which Premier League LD is the best? Emerson FUT Birthday vs. Alexander Arnold Centurions

Although they came later twin upgrade cards, FUT First Anniversary Team number of active players has been available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team since last Friday. And one of its members is Emerson FUT Birthdayright side in the Premier League with five stars in the watermark and fairly complete statistics.

As in his same position and competition we find Alexander-Arnold Centurions, today I want to comment which of them seems the most interesting to me after trying them. Because both have good conditions and are very reasonably priced.

FIFA 23 – Which Premier League LD is the most interesting?

Emerson FUT Birthday

Positions: RF and CAD. Its current price is 81,500 coins on the global market and 89,000 on PC (according to He has five stars for skill and three for bad leg, high/medium work rate, lean body type, is 1’81 tall and right-handed.

Alexander-Arnold Centurions

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Alexander-Arnold Centurions In-Game Stats
Positions: RF and CAD. Its current price is 220,000 coins on the global market and 253,000 on PC (according to He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, unique body type, is 1’80 tall and right handed.

Both are very good and by no means seem expensive for the performance they offer. The market for FIFA 23 is higher than it was last year, but both of these competitive options can be picked up without breaking the bank. Although if I have to choose one, I clearly choose Alexander-Arnold Centurions.

Emerson FUT Birthday performs great on both ends of the pitch. His rhythm is close to perfection with Sombra as chemistry, he measures 1’81, reaches 86 in strength and his defensive qualities are worthy of a DFC. He’s reliable, even against high level attackers.

With the ball, he does not have an exquisite conduct but yes very correct and we can enjoy it even more for its watermark five. Besides the fact that although with space sends it is only ok, he naturally reaches 89 short passes.

But despite losing a skill star, Alexander-Arnold Centurions He is even more effective with the ball and behind there is not much difference. He is eight points lower in strength, but his body type works very well in FIFA 23 and it seems that this attribute is even higher in the game.

Emerson FUT Birthday isn’t bad in attack, but the Liverpool winger is brutal with the ball. That’s why it’s a step above (in terms of offensive performance) most Ultimate Team alternatives.

Although some of his dribbling stats are stickier, he has a pretty good drive. And especially makes the difference compared to other footballers by their number of assists. It’s impressive (even more so at this point in FIFA 23) for an RB to combine 93 Vision, 90 Short Passing and 94 Long Passing. These are typical stats of a top midfielder.


  • Both are very good level wingers in FIFA 23. But By performance, Alexander-Arnold Centurions is above.
  • Although English loses a watermark star, he is even more effective in attack because of his precision with the shipments. While defensively they are very similar.
  • Both are highly recommended value for money. Although they are from the Premier League and popular nationalities, they are not too expensive.
  • If Alexander-Arnold Centurions doesn’t fit your list or your budget is low, you can also use Emerson FUT Anniversary. He’s not as good as the Liverpool footballer, but he’s competitive nonetheless.

Here we leave you the articles of December, Iwobi there Pedro FUT Birthday. In addition to the link to Telegram broadcast channel in which we inform about the downloaded content of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Good luck!

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