Besides the fact that the SBCs of ex-players constantly arrive (like those of Raul oh marchisio), in FIFA 23 we also have new transferable cards thanks to second team Titans Trophy. And as usual in this type of team, some of its players are cheap but very useful. A clear example of this is Joe Cole Herointeresting striker if he suits your style of play, affordable and can help create hybrids with other Premier League players

Positions: ED, MD, EI and MCO. Its current price is 68,500 coins on the global market and 60,000 on PC (according to He has four stars for skill and the bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body type Short and thin – he is 1’76 tall and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Why Joe Cole Hero Trophy Titans is interesting?

He doesn’t even reach 80,000 coins despite being a former English league footballer. It seems obvious that this is not a perfect letter, It has a lot of room for improvement in several aspects.. His positioning (84) and punching power (85) are vulgar, aside from the fact that in long runs he’s far from the best for his body type and 72 in strength.

Joe Cole Heroe Titans Trophy could be much more reliable when shooting and dangerous with spaces. Other than that it meets the stars but doesn’t stand out, achieved four in skill and bad leg. However, it also has very interesting virtues.

He is above all a quality striker. Several dribbling attributes are a little weak, but most of them are very good. And with his morphology and height of 1’76, they make him a very good dribbling footballer. The typical fragile but electric FIFA 23 card. And that since hitting 99 pace with Cazador as his chemistry, it’s not too predictable against forward defenses (not great, but it generally conforms).

While not a luxury scorer, his 89 completion rate rises to 97 with chemistry and he strikes plenty of times. other than that, Because he’s such a good dribbling guy, he’s very good at generating his own chances.. It would be brutal with five skills or a sore leg, but four is often enough to shake up defenders.

And finally, Joe Cole Hero Trophy Titans he is a great helper. In this era of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, it’s still very interesting that someone so cheap can access 92 Vision and 90 Short Passing. It’s a virtue that also increases his value as a midfielder or a winger.

So he’s not a top striker, but yeah someone useful enough to finish competitive models with little spending. Because even if it could have an extra star, greater reliability when shooting and above all more strength; He is a very technical footballer.

Versatile and very useful for creating hybrids

By being adept at creating own chances, dribbling and assisting; Joe Cole Titans Hero Trophy can perform well in all attacking positions. As a winger and attacking midfielder he benefits from his quality and precision in passing, but as a striker he also knows how to be important because of his ability to create his own chances (although yes, I would accompany it with someone more dangerous with spaces so that the forward defenses of the enemy do not let us down).

He is a versatile player during matches, and who will also have chemistry in different positions. When creating the eleven, we can place it as ED, MD, EI and even MCO. For this reason, and to help bond with other Premier League footballers, this is a very valuable card for creating hybrids.

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FIFA 23: standard edition |  Xbox One - Download Code

FIFA 23: standard edition | Xbox One – Download Code

  • EA SPORTS FIFA 23 introduces the Men’s and Women’s FIFA World Cup to the All Game, which will be available throughout the season as post-launch updates, Women’s Club Teams for the first time, Cross -Play, where you can compete against your friends no matter what platform they’re on*, and new ways to play your favorite modes on Xbox One.
  • Enjoy a new way to play and build your dream squad with FUT Moments and an overhauled chemistry system in FIFA Ultimate Team or fulfill your soccer dreams in Career Mode by defining your personality as a soccer player or by becoming one of the most important figures in technical management.
  • In VOLTA FOOTBALL and Pro Clubs, bring more personality to the pitch with new levels of customization and improved street and stadium gameplay. However you play, enjoy everyone’s game with 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30+ leagues including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, new Barclays FA WSL and the French D1 Arkema, with unequaled realism. Everything in FIFA 23.
  • This game includes optional virtual currency purchases that can be used to purchase virtual items, including random selection of virtual in-game items.

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