FIFA 23: surprise!  We will have FUT birthday icons

FIFA 23: surprise! We will have FUT birthday icons

In addition to A leak has already appeared on a possible SBC player of LaLiga Santander, it seems that we will have a very remarkable novelty in FUT Birthday. And it is that, in one of the loading screens of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we can see the normal map design next to another that should be Icon.

FIFA 23 FUT Anniversary Icons

Besides the fact that the card has the typical golden color of the Icons, it you can see the classic logo at the top. So, barring an incredible surprise, captions will appear as part of the event. Just like what happened in Fantasy FUT with FUT Heroes.

Maybe we will have two different teams again, one of active players and the other of ex-footballers. And be careful because, if they could also update their stars, maybe they make valuable people who don’t usually stand out in Ultimate Team or who suffers from a major weakness

For example, Puskás has pretty full stats but misses his bad leg. Well, if he received a FUT birthday icon with five stars in this aspect, he would be much more competitive. Although logically, one should not expect a low price.

After experience with Fantasy FUT Heroesthe logic is that the most attractive captions are overpriced. But it wouldn’t be odd if several appeared in Squad Building Challenges, and hopefully we’ll see some in the Swap bundle itself.

Remember that on our Telegram broadcast channel We notify you when we post content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And here we leave you the analysis of the Level 15 Context cards. Good luck!

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