SBC icons are quite common lately. Last Friday, April 7, appeared Roy Keane in the Titans Trophyyesterday came the Carlos Alberto Premier and Robert Pirés is available as a TOTY Icon. We can buy it from the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team transfer market, or get it as non-transferable through its Squad Creation Challenge. Is he a top striker and worth the price, or does he often go unnoticed during games? Well, I tried and here are my impressions.

Positions: EI, MI, MD and MCO. Its current market price is 570,000 coins on the global market and 610,000 on PC (according to He has five stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, high and balanced body type+, he is 1’87 and right-handed. I advise to use it with Hunter.

What would we have to sacrifice to make it non-transferable?

  • a model of unique bronzes.
  • a model of unique silvers.
  • A model with 84 on average which includes an Arsenal player and an IF or FUT Champions card.
  • A model with 86 on average which includes a player from France and an IF or FUT Champions card.
  • A model with 87 on average which includes a Premier League player.
  • A model with 88 on average.

FIFA 23 – TOTY Icon Pires Review

Yeah It is a level card despite several aspects that could be improved, since it compensates for these shortcomings with other virtues. That’s why it usually works pretty well, although it’s mostly recommended if you, as a user, are a watermark expert. If you rarely use them, I don’t think you’ll notice a big difference with much more affordable footballers.

His main weaknesses are 80 shot power, 66 strength and that over short distances he does not become so electric because he is 1’87 tall. But since hitting a 98 after chemistry, he’s pretty reliable on close shots. While his size and speed allow him to be more dangerous with spaces even though he is physically weak.

And while his cool dribbling stats could be even better if they were smaller, Body Type Tall & Balanced+ isn’t as damaging as Tall & Balanced. It is more or less similar to Delgado, who with his five skill stars allow him to make the difference face to face against defenders. May we not feel limited in these situations.

Be fast so you don’t perform poorly in long runs and have watermark five so you can generate your own scoring chances, shot and pass numbers are even better. Pirés Icon of TOTY makes good shots for 91 positioning and hits plenty of opportunities to reach 98 completion after applying Hunter.

In addition to He is a level above as an assistant compared to other alternatives FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Because it is still very remarkable to combine 92 vision with 89 short pass. And maybe that’s not an incredible virtue against rivals below us, but in some matches even that can be essential.

Thus Pirés Icon from TOTY could be stronger, even more exquisite with the ball and more reliable when shooting. But in none of these aspects does it go out of tune because of its virtues. Because he is less vulnerable thanks to his size, he has plenty of resources to fool enemy defenders one on one and due to his high finishing he hits plenty of scoring chances. If you as a user are very good with watermarks, I consider it a high level person.

So is it worth it?

This seems to me the typical case of a letter which allows a small leap in quality compared to other much cheaper options. For example, the level difference between this legend and Bamba FUT Birthday is not very high despite the fact that the active player is much cheaper.

Nevertheless, If you want to get a plus in terms of performance, with Pirés Icono del TOTY you will have to spend a lot more. Because I consider him clearly superior to Bamba, but the distance is not very great.

And another important aspect is that I don’t know what content is coming soon. Because the TOTS event will start shortly and we may see some very interesting SBCs there. You may regret spending the stockings on Robert later, as even more desirable letters arrive.

For all that has been said, Wouldn’t recommend if your budget is low and it was hard for you to get lows. In this case, I would opt for equally competitive economic alternatives, as can be the case with Bamba. And I’ll save what you receive for future Squad Building Challenges.

I also don’t recommend Pirés Icono del TOTY if you rarely use watermarks. The five skills are one of its great virtues, and if you hardly ever take advantage of them, they probably won’t be special enough to justify its cost.

If you’ve mastered the skills and have a good budget or a lot of lows, then no It seems wrong to me to make an effort to obtain this letter. Because other alternatives work the same way and are much cheaper, but Robert offers an added advantage for its quality. And since it’s available through SBC, you might not even have to spend any coins to get it.

Although, as I said before, I would like to warn that there is a risk of even more interesting content coming later. Maybe EA Sports decides to release someone with similar numbers and the same stars soon for a very low cost. Will it happen? Well, I don’t know and I can’t guess. But In the current situation of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, I recommend Pirés Icon of TOTY for the case mentioned.

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