FUT’s anniversary kicked off with a huge amount of free content and among them we find quite a few FUT Birthday Swaps tokens. It can be a bit confusing to know how many exchange tokens are available in FIFA 23 and how we can get them. So this is it a follow-up to know where each of them is and when they will cease to be available.

So far, two tokens have appeared in the Ultimate Team store. But we assume that they are extra, that they are not part of the group of thirty. AND Leaving them aside, a total of eleven tokens arrived FUT Anniversary Redeem a FIFA 23.

FUT Birthday Swaps tokens arrived in FIFA 23

  • Magnusson (1): Login token, just enter FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.
  • menu (2): SBC token “FGS Challenge 10”. We can get it until Monday, March 27.
  • Hoffman (3): Token of the current “first party acquisition”. We can get it until Tuesday, March 28.
  • Gibbs (4): Token that appears as an individual reward for one of the objectives of the free Podolski IF. It will be available until Wednesday, March 29 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Marc Aguado (5): Token of current awnings, appears in one of the individual Squad Building Challenges. It will be available in FIFA 23 until Thursday, March 30 at seven in the afternoon Spanish time.
  • Ibrahim (6): Token available as an individual reward from one of Joselu FUT’s birthday goals. It will be available until Friday, March 31 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Jurcec (7), Isac (8) and McGlynn (9): These three tokens appear in the Aniv daily start improvement goal group. WAS. So to get them you will need to complete the SBC daily during FUT Birthday and we will get them as we go.
  • Waled (10): It’s part of the reward SBC “FUT 15”. It will be available until Friday, March 31 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time.
  • Silvera (11): It is part of the individual reward of the first objective of “FUT Birthday Party”. You need to score four quality goals in Squad Battles (or Rivals) on minimum amateur difficulty. It will be available until April 7.
  • In the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Store Two boosters containing trading tokens have appeared. The first one expired and the second It will be available until March 31. We assume that these will be additional tokens, which will not be counted in the group of thirty.
To get Jurcec, Isac and McGlynn tokens; This SBC will need to be completed daily a total of ten times. And by making twelve, we will beat the whole group (something that we clearly recommend because we will receive a lot of rewards).

Here you have the news of the FUT Anniversary teams from active players and of FUT Iconos Birthday. Also the article of the new special version of Pedri. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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