After talking about Letter from Matheus CunhaNow it’s the turn of the Morgan Gibbs-White Showdown. This English midfielder was chosen by Nottingham Forest (sixteenth in the Premier League) and, if his team wins or draws on April 1 at home against Wolves (thirteenth), would average +2 in FIFA 23 in addition to achieving five stars for bad leg. It would be a much more powerful upgrade than on other occasions.

At a minimum, your Squad Building Challenge will be available in Ultimate Team until Friday, March 31. at seven o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time. Although since the party starts on Saturday at four o’clock, it may expire a few hours later. But from now on we will analyze its characteristics. Although so many SBC players arrived at the same time, we won’t include the typical images with other footballers that might give them some chemistry.

Positions: MCO, MD and DC. Its SBC currently costs around 220,200 coins in the general market and 223,450 on PC. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, balanced body type, is 1’78 tall and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Analysis of the Morgan Gibbs-White confrontation

It seems to us a case very close to that of Matheus Cunha. A card that without the upgrade will be correct for its full stats, but above all, he would be much more valuable if he received the boost. Although in his case, we think the Brazilian would be even more special.

With its initial characteristics, in long races he shouldn’t be very good as he will barely reach a 95 sprint after applying chemistry. And while the dribbling attributes are great for this time in FIFA 23, we don’t expect an impressive drive due to the balanced body type.

Another aspect that could be improved is its completion 82. He will have more efficiency thanks to the 88 in positioning, but in no case will he be a deadly goalscorer. Because with Hunter as a style, his def will only reach 90. Other than that, he also has no shooting traits.

While passing attributes are very interesting. Although we are about to start the month of April, it is still remarkable that a midfielder combines 90 vision, 88 short passing and 87 long passing. Gibbs-White Showdown could decide some games with assists.

And since he hits a 75 in defense, It wouldn’t be crazy to use him in the game as a creative midfielder. But in this case, it would make sense for him to slack off at times. He should be accompanied with someone much safer and tolerate a few mistakes from time to time. On top of that, due to his 86 stamina, he might tire in the final stretch of some matches if he is too protagonist.

His completion is therefore a bit low, the sprint will barely reach 95 with Hunter as his chemistry, and interesting dribbling numbers should be less effective due to the balanced body type. Due to all these improvable aspects, we don’t expect Gibbs-White Showdown’s performance to be top notch. just right.

Even if if i have the boost for the victory or the tie, then yes it could be very interesting. In attack or even as an attacking profile midfielder if you don’t mind that in your own half you can fail from time to time.

So is it worth it?

It should be pretty interesting if you get the upgrade for a win or a draw. Then his sprinting and finishing wouldn’t be so low, he would stand out even more as an assist, he would have great dribbling stats and the five feet would allow him to create chances even more easily.

But if you don’t get that stat and buff, we don’t think it’s worth it. We would rather use other transferable alternatives instead of sacrificing socks or coins forever. You can opt for replacements like Benrahma Fantasy FUT, Fábio Carvalho Future Stars or the FUT Heroes World Cup versions of Joe Cole and Kewell.

Nevertheless, we recommend doing this SBC or not depending on your confidence that you will pass the upgrade. Because if you do, it’s probably going to be a great option even if it’s not exorbitantly priced. But if not, we assume it won’t justify the expense of stockings and/or coins. So it would depend on the power.

Recommended Chemical Styles

  • Hunter: He will improve his pace as much as possible, increasing acceleration to 97 and sprint to 95. He will also have a positioning of 89 and a weak finishing of 90 which will be more effective in the game due to his shot power of 93.
  • Shadow (if he will play as a midfielder): In this position, he would stand out for his speed instead of slacking off. Although the defensive attributes would be weak, he would barely reach 84 interceptions, 79 intelligence, 83 interceptions and 89 tackles (plus his work rate is high/medium).
  • Powerful (if he will play as a midfielder): You could sacrifice quickening the pace in exchange for better passing and better defending at the same time. He would hit 99 vision, 96 short pass, and 95 long pass. He also reportedly had 84 interceptions, 79 intelligence and 90 thefts.

CCS solution

Challenge 1: England

Reward: Small pack of electronic readers.

  • Min. 1 England player
  • Minimum team star value: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Gibbs-White Showdown
14,000 coins in general market and 15,950 in PC

Challenge 2: Premier League

Reward: On mix of Premium players.

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Minimum team star value: 85
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Gibbs-White Showdown
77,750 coins in general market and 78,700 in PC

Challenge 3: In great shape

Reward: About the mix of top players.

  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum team star value: 86
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Gibbs-White Showdown
128,450 coins in general market and 128,800 in PC

We remind you that at least the Morgan Gibbs-White Showdown SBC will be available until March 31 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time. Here you have news about a leak related to TOTS there our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we release content about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Cheers!

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