In addition to the free silver letter (whose objectives allow you to add experience in the season pass), today we also have a new SBC player in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. This is Samuel Chukwueze TOTS and we can get it till next may 10th. He retains the stars from his previous FUT Anniversary Item and receives a very noticeable stat boost in certain attributes. Could he be a cheap but interesting striker? Let’s analyze it.

Positions: MD and ED. Its SBC currently costs around 64,450 coins in the general market and 71,550 on PC. He has four stars for skill and five for bad leg, high/low work rate, balanced body type, is 1’72 tall and left-handed.

FIFA 23 – Samu Chukwueze TOTS Analysis

Regarding his FUT birthday, he increases the sprint by four points to reach 96. And since he also has a 98 in acceleration naturally, we could achieve both attributes perfectly with chemistry or improve many other aspects.

Depending on your preference, you can make Chukwueze TOTS stand out in some attributes or others. With Engine or Hunter, he would be quite fast but also benefit from some physical power. Because Although he is only 1’72 tall, he has a balanced body and 81 in strength. Some features very similar, for example, to Jairzinho Icono Medio. It wouldn’t be brutal in long runs, but it wouldn’t be too predictable either.

Yes using chemistries like Marksman or Finisher you will be slower in long runs but will significantly increase your numbers in other aspects. Although, going by the dribbling stats, it should by no means seem awkward naturally. Reaction (86) and composure (85) are lower, but his agility hits 96, his balance hits 94, and his dribbling hits 97. The FUT birthday card was already handy on the ball, so this one will be even more electric.

His vision (85) and short passing numbers (85) are still decent at this stage of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but they’re far from exceptional. For what it won’t be a great helper unless you use a style like Shooter so they go up to 93 and 99 respectively.

Yes the same thing happens with shooting stats as with passing statsThey are very decent but not great. Naturally, Chukwueze TOTS combines 88 positioning, 86 finishing, 93 shot power, and 86 long shots. If we don’t update them, it is normal that some clear occasions fail from time to time. And if we upload them with styles like Hunter, Shooter or Finisher; so we can expect a lot of accuracy.

Besides that this striker You will have enough resources to generate your own opportunities. If you are an expert in skill moves, you will regret that it does not reach all five skills. But in any case, he will combine speed at the start, skillful driving, a certain resistance to struggles and danger with his left or right hand.

Inside the box, Chukwueze TOTS will have a similar attacking profile to players like Ben Yedder or Butragueño. That’s to say, someone not very tall but electric and able to kick with both legss.

Thus, with its 98 accelerations and 96 sprints, the chemistry style will allow us to “mold” this card according to our preferences. We can make it even faster and more threatening with spaces, or even enhance certain aspects such as passing or dribbling. For this reason, because naturally it already meets enough statistics and for its stars; it seems to us a very interesting striker despite its affordable price. A great alternative to top players, even more so if you don’t master the skills.

Rodrigo Moreno RTTF, Foyth Fantasy FUT and Rulli IF (Villarreal) FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Foyth Fantasy FUT is his club’s most notable card, but it appeared as free to play.

So is it worth it?

The price / quality ratio is excellent, we consider it a bargain. If you need a useful and inexpensive right winger, we definitely recommend him. Especially if it will frequently appear inside (to take advantage of the bad five legs) and even more so if you as a user are not a crack with watermarks.

Neither in your club nor in your nationality we find many decent special versions, it seems that it will not be easy to include it in the hybrids. But If you can add him to your XI and you don’t have anyone high in that position, we recommend him.. Chukwueze TOTS could be a great low cost alternative.

And as we discussed earlier, its privileged rhythm will allow us to “shape” the menu according to our preferences. If it rarely starts, the engine may be good. If you want him to be faster over long distances and fire frequently, you can try Hunter. And if you don’t mind losing danger with spaces in exchange for being even finer or superior as an assistant, then you have Finisher and Marksman.

Also, Chukwueze TOTS looks like a great option as a repellent. A few days ago we published an article talking about three cheap and very useful options for this role. But this SBC player could also serve in case it comes out as DC. Because his natural finish is not very high, but he will be more effective thanks to the striking power and he will make the difference compared to other footballers thanks to his five stars on his bad leg.

Major Nigeria FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Special Versions
As in his club, in his nationality there are not many decent options either (cards thanks to

Recommended Chemical Styles

As we said before, we recommend one or the other depending on your preferences. Although in general we use it with Shooter to improve passing and shooting at the same time. He will get his vision until he is 93 and he would be pretty good as an assistant.

If you notice that it is not very effective over long distances, you can try Cazador or Motor. Hunter if you will need him to shoot frequently and Motor if he will be the typical winger who rarely shoots. And finally, if you’re happy with his natural speed but passing isn’t that important to your style of play, then I’d increase shooting and dribbling at the same time with finisher. To make it even more electric when dribbling.

CCS solution

  • Min. 1 Player from LaLiga Santander
  • 1 player minimum: Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS)
  • Minimum team star value: 85
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Chukwueze TOTS
64,450 coins in general market and 71,550 in PC

Remember that the Samuel Chukwueze TOTS SBC expires on May 10th. If you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. and There you go Payet’s review TOTS Moments there a recommendation for Premier League teams. Cheers!

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