Soon the second Trophy Titans team will arrive in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but among the Team 1 cards we find some that are quite interesting. That is why in previous articles we have already talked about such things as Jr. Lah. But, Is Iker Casillas another useful and reasonably priced option? Well these days I tried it during many games so here are my impressions.

Its current price is 90,000 coins in the general market and 92,000 coins on PC (according to He is 1’85 and left-handed. It has the Long Handball, Team Player, Crosses, and Kicks traits.

Is Iker Casillas Icono Trophy Titans a good goalkeeper for FIFA 23?

My feelings with him have been more negative than positive.. He’s not an awful goalie and since he costs so little you can use him if you’re a fan of Casillas himself and can’t wait to include him in your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team XI. Or if you want to link some maps of Spain and you need an icon of that nationality. But its performance is far from surprising.

Most of the time he conforms, he makes spectacular saves thanks to his stretches but It makes the height of 1’85 feel like it’s taking its toll. He’s a bit shorter than other goalkeepers, and maybe that’s why he disappoints sometimes.

I especially noticed that concedes too many goals due to typical shots going close to the post. I guess that’s where his lack of thumbs keeps him from making more saves. And this is something that happens both if the opponent shoots from medium height, or if the shot goes to ground level.

Besides, on some specific occasions I conceded goals because I couldn’t get past the enemy attackers. Even though the rival striker wasn’t a passing game specialist. This has only happened a few times, but it has rarely happened to me with other FIFA 23 Ultimate Team goalkeepers.

And I must say, in favor of Casillas Icono Trophy Titans, that didn’t make too many gross mistakes. Other goalkeepers make weird moves and don’t save fairly easy shots more often. It was more consistent, although unfortunately it doesn’t work very well when shots are close to the long post. And since many users shoot a lot this way (even more in the next generation), it didn’t offer the reliability of other goalkeepers.

For example, Courtois oro and Ederson FUT Ballers seem to me to be superior keepers to Iker. Because in those very tight shots they manage to avoid the goal more frequently. So he’s not horrible, but he’s below many other goalkeepers in FIFA 23. Unless you’re a fan of the player in real life or need it to give chemistry to other letters from Spain, I don’t recommend it.

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