just like we did with John Queen, today is the day to talk about Dimitri Payet’s TOTS Moments. Because in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Current Season Pass, At level ten we have to choose between this letter or a non-transferable pack of ten footballers +85. Which option would be the most attractive? Well, I already tried the French striker and here are my impressions.

Positions: EI, MCO and DC. He has five stars for skill and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body type Small but strong, he is 1’75 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Moments Payet TOTS or the 10×85 envelope?

I consider Payet ALL Moments A top striker. It offers excellent performance, especially if you as a user are familiar with watermarks. Because his dribbling could be more exquisite, but he makes up for it with a strength not found in many other quality footballers. And because both in shooting and assisting, it is very precise.

It is quite an interesting letter, and therefore stays at the level of people like Jairzinho Icon Medium or Mbappé or. It’s this striker profile without serious weaknesses in numbers and which is also distinguished by its stars. That’s why it’s able to work similarly to commented names.

If in your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team You don’t have that type of footballer or you want to add someone else and you’re a crack with skills then I’d choose Payet TOTS Moments. Because the 10 player +85 booster looks interesting, but it still has some risk and you can only get cards with high but low average game value. So I would prefer to get this very useful item in the field.

Whereas, if your team already has footballers of the level of Jairzinho Icono Medio or Mbappé oro (even if now it’s very cheap it’s still quite effective), then I would go for the pack. If you already use cards of this level or more in your eleven, I don’t think Dimitri represents a leap in quality. Because it works the same way they do, but not much better..

If you are already using high level attackers in FIFA 23, Payet TOTS is great but you probably won’t notice a huge difference from the players you already have. So instead of having a lookalike, I’d opt for the envelope. To try your luck during a team of the season, in case you can receive a very exclusive object with which to significantly increase the competitiveness of your team.

And in the worst case, at least these would be lows with which to depreciate some Squad Creation Challenge you are interested. The logical thing is that promising SBCs will arrive soon.

How does Payet TOTS Moments work?

It may be because of his morphology, but He’s not a particularly good dribbling footballer. That’s probably his big miss. For example, Jairzinho Icono Medio himself is a bit more gifted. Something I particularly noticed when trying to chain watermarks with direction changes. Execute the movements at less speed.

However, despite this lack, he is a great striker. Because other players in FIFA 23 are even more skillful, but they lack his physical power. Because Payet TOTS Moments can hold onto the ball at times when others fail thanks to his strength of 93.

He’s not very tall (1’75) but it’s rocky. And after applying Chemistry Hunter, combine 99 accelerations with 98 sprints. That’s why he’s more efficient than other quality players in long runs, he endures struggles better.

In addition to the fact that although his driving is not impressive, he has the resources to generate chances thanks to the five skills and the four bad legs. Has the outdoor shooting trait and, when it pulls, it’s usually quite effective. Something to make sense as it combines 99 positioning, 98 finishing, 99 shot power and 92 long shot after applying the style.

Yes as an assistant he does not disappoint either. His short pass of 87 is not surprising, but the vision of 91 is still very interesting in FIFA 23. Especially for a free to play version. So, Payet TOTS Moments might be more agile in dribbling, but he makes up for it with his stars, physical power, and precision when shooting or assisting. For all of that, he’s a top-tier striker.


  • Payet TOTS Moments is a great card and, if you’re good with watermarks, it can work just fine.
  • However, He does not represent an incredible qualitative leap compared to other players like Jairzinho Icono Medio or Mbappé. In fact, it is a very similar profile to the Brazilian. Someone with five stars for skill, four for bad leg, and very full but not brutal attributes.
  • So if your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is already packed with attackers like Jairzinho Icono Medio and you can bring chemistry to all of them, then Payet That shouldn’t be a big leap in quality. And in this case, I would choose the envelope to try their luck at a Big Five League Team of the Season.
  • Whereas if you are interested in having someone like Jairzinho Icono Medio because you don’t have such good strikers in your club or because you are not able to link them all, then I would clearly choose Payet. Although, as I said, only if you are very good with the skills. If they are a secondary resource for you, that doesn’t seem so special to me.

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