FIFA 23: Does Matheus Cunha Showdown deserve the penalty?  + CCS solution

FIFA 23: Does Matheus Cunha Showdown deserve the penalty? + CCS solution

In addition to First part of acquisition reappeared with improved rewards, three SBC players also arrived in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team today. Two of them engage in a battle and Matheus Cunha Confrontation He is the representative of Wolves (13th in the Premier League), who will play away on April 1 against Nottingham Forest (16th).

Your Modeling Challenge It will be available until at least Friday, March 31 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time. Although it might last a bit longer as the game starts at four o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday, but we don’t know exactly when it will expire.

And a very important detail is that this battle has a more attractive prize than usual. Because if the footballer’s team wins or draws, he will get a +2 average and will also achieve five stars for bad leg.

Positions: DC, SD, MCO and MI. Its SBC currently costs around 200,850 coins in the general market and 202,250 on PC. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/medium work rate, lean body type, is 1’84 tall and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Matheus Cunha Showdown Analysis

He already has good conditions to be a striker in the style of Ferrán Torres RTTF. That is, someone who meets most aspects but without being rough. And if I got the upgrade to win or draw, probably That would be a big leap in quality. So yes that would be very promising.

Matheus Cunha Showdown is one of those FIFA 23 footballers who combines a considerable height (1’84) with a certain strength (80) and a slim figure. His height will make the body type not make him as slim, but these are still great features this year. Because it tends to make players adept at driving and resistant to grappling at the same time. Something that, for example, happens with Al Owairan FUT World Cup Hero.

So this special build shouldn’t impress either for its electric dribbling or its melee build, but it should be. pretty good on both counts. And although with Hunter he will only reach 95 acceleration, his sprint will be perfect for doing damage with spaces.

As a passer, he will hardly be right for this era of FIFA 23. At the moment, it is not surprising to combine 84 vision and 85 short passing, but these are acceptable attributes. While the shots are even more convincing.

He has shot from outside, 88 positioning, 89 finishing, 88 shot power and 87 long shot. Sufficient attributes so that, after applying the style, Matheus Cunha Showdown hit a lot of clear chances.

This SBC reader therefore already has good conditions to offer very decent performance. Because it is the standard letter which does not surprise by any attribute, but which meets the vast majority. That’s why it should be cOk but not great. And if his team draws or wins, we expect his value to increase a bit..

So is it worth it?

With its current characteristics, we prefer the new Michael Antonio FUT Birthday or even use other transferable alternatives like Kewell FUT World Cup Heroes so you can sell them when you no longer need them.

However, if your team draws or wins the deciding game, you should make a pretty significant leap in quality. Because with these two points in addition he would increase his starting speed, strengthen certain attributes that are no longer only correct and further strengthen his virtues. Although primarily because of the star leveling, reaching five with bad footing to be even more unbalanced inside the box.

If he gets the boost of the game, Matheus Cunha Showdown will probably have been a bargain.. He would have some pretty great features and his price tag would have been low considering he’s a Brazilian striker in the Premier League. So if you think he’ll get that boost and fit into your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, we highly recommend him.

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Hunter: Its acceleration will be a little weak (95) but the sprint will reach perfection. And the shot numbers will be quite good, combining 93 positioning, 97 finishing and 93 shot power.

CCS solution

Challenge 1: Premier League

Reward: Small Gold TOP Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Minimum team star value: 85
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Matheus Cunha Showdown
77,450 coins in general market and 78,850 in PC

Challenge 2: In great shape

Reward: About the mix of top players.

  • 1 player min. : Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Minimum team star value: 86
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Matheus Cunha Showdown
123,400 coins in general market and 123,400 in PC

Remember that the Matheus Cunha Showdown SBC expires (at least) on Friday, March 31 at seven in the afternoon, Spanish time. You can subscribe to our Telegram broadcast channel if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news. and we’re leaving here Disasi FUT Anniversary item. Cheers!

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