FIFA 23: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers worth it?  + CCS solution

FIFA 23: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers worth it? + CCS solution

Apart from that already FUT Anniversary Exchanges have started and we can get their first tokens, the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers SBC also appeared today in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Apart from what we already know what is the goal to overcome to get the improved version with 86 average.

To get the most powerful item, you must Assist with a through ball with your own FUT Ballers in at least five separate Squad Battles (or Rivals) matches on Amateur difficulty. And the Challenge and Squad Building Challenge will not expire until March 31.

Version with 84 average

Position: MC only. Its SBC currently costs around 36,350 coins in the general market and 37,450 on PC. He has four skill stars and a bad leg, high/high work rate, balanced body type, is 1’75 tall and right-handed.

Version with 86 average (it would be received by completing its objective)

In-Game Stats Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers 88 FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
The only difference from the other version is the improved stats.

FIFA 23 – FUT Ballers Analysis of Oxlade-Chamberlain

As we’ve always discussed with players in the “Play in Style” objective group, we strongly advise completing their challenge using the most powerful build. And the FUT Ballers Oxlade-Chamberlain could be very useful as a box to box midfielder who thrives behind, as an organizer and reaching the last meters.

Although yes, It’s a midfield profile that has worked even better in other Ultimate Team seasons. Because in FIFA 23, it seems more difficult to easily generate chances with midfielders. Plus, pass numbers are even more important. And this will be one of the most vulgar aspects.

Especially in the next-gen version, it’s great to have very good midfielders as assistants. Footballers with enormous precision to the touch, to send triangle shots to the attackers. And while the Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers stats are far from horrible, they are somewhat weak. Combining 85 vision, 86 short pass and 82 long pass is “vulgar” because there are alternatives around 90.

It won’t be as safe with shipping as other FIFA 23 MCs, though. in the rest of the offensive aspects it is quite convincing. With another body type he would be even more exquisite, but his 95 balanced dribble is spectacular. Even more for such an affordable card, and you’ll get more from the four stars for skill and bad leg.

Arriving midfielders were more easily decisive in other seasons, but even so they could surprise the opposition with some frequency. His quality will allow him to generate his own chances, his movements without the ball will be intelligent thanks to his positioning in 87 and his 79 finishing more effective than the 93 in firepower. It could therefore be very useful in the last meters.

Although behind, we don’t expect the FUT Oxlade-Chamberlain Ballerinas to deliver peak performance. But accompanied by someone more reliable, yes he must comply in most cases.

He’s not a big player (he’s 1’75) and he doesn’t have remarkable strength either (79), but the balanced build will make him blend in very well in close combat. And his intelligence is somewhat low (77), but He has a high/high work rate, 83 steals and 82 steals.

Your terms are those of the typical MC who in defense can be out of tune from time to time in the face of demanding rivals, but who generally goes unnoticed. If we as users get the moves right, it shouldn’t cause us much trouble.

And finally, his 88 stamina might be more annoying in some playstyles. If you’re going to force him to run around constantly with almost no rest, then it stands to reason that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s FUT Ballers won’t arrive in top form at the end of the game. But it’s not so negative in FIFA 23, since we have five changes (and even six if we go to overtime).

It is therefore a letter with certain obvious shortcomings. His intelligence and his resistance could be higher, and above all it is a pity that the vision does not exceed 85. It is an MC profile that we liked even more in the other seasons, although in any case It has good conditions if you are looking for an MC with finish. Someone who appears frequently in the final meters.

Liverpool FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Competitive Map Examples
In your club, we found quite a few useful cards.

So is it worth it?

Despite the shortcomings, value for money seems excellent. When you no longer need it, it won’t be as useful for depreciating future SBCs as other FUT Ballers because it only combines 84 and 86 on average. But as a Premier League box-to-box midfielder, he could be very useful.

Also, being an Englishman from Liverpool, he will easily fit into many hybrids. We don’t see him as an essential player in his league teams. In fact, there are players who are similar in many ways and not very expensive. But Ballers FUT Oxlade-Chamberlain will have some offensive resources that have no alternatives like Willock Fantasy FUT, it’s not even as expensive as Fred Centurions.

So if you are looking for a Premier League or England MC and your priority is ball performance, this SBC seems a very interesting opportunity to strengthen the team by spending very little. And he could be very useful alongside someone more reliable defensively.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team England Competitive Map Examples
England is a very complete nationality in FIFA 23 (maps thanks to

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • dark : His pace is good but not spectacular, so he’ll appreciate the +8. It will combine 92 accelerations and 93 sprints. He will also have 91 interceptions, 81 intelligences, 90 interceptions and 92 tackles.

CCS Solution

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Minimum team star value: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Balls
36,350 coins in general market and 37,450 in PC

We remind you that the SBC Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain FUT Ballers and the specific objective will be available until March 31. we left here Fantasy FUT hero tracker there Prediction of the next team of the week. Also the link to our Telegram broadcast channelin case you want to know when we will be releasing content on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Good luck !

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