Prince Andrew presented this past Tuesday an appeal to challenge the accusation of sexual assault that weighs against him, based on the fact that the alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre, does not reside permanently in the United States and therefore the New York court where the case resides does not has jurisdiction.

“She is actually based in Australia, where she has lived for the last nineteen but two years,” reports the British network Sky. “She has spent less than two years living in the United States since she moved to Australia in 2002,” argues the text presented by the defense of Prince Andrew.

While Giuffre accuses the son of Queen Elizabeth II of having sexually forced her on several occasions when she was a minor, Prince Andrew’s lawyers defend themselves by arguing that Giufrre’s ties to Colorado “are very scarce,” claiming that when the case was reopened in August 2019 she “had an Australian driver’s license” and resided in a house valued at just over a million in Perth in Western Australia, along with her husband and children.

They claim that shortly before filing the complaint against the third son of Queen Elizabeth II, Giuffre “registered to vote in Colorado using the postal address of her mother and stepfather,” for which Lewis Kaplan has asked to dismiss the case as federal laws do not allow the two parties to the dispute to be foreign citizens.

Giuffre would be one of the many victims of a child exploitation network led by Epstein, arrested in July 2019 on charges of sexual abuse and trafficking of dozens of girls in the early 2000s.

This millionaire, who came to rub shoulders with personalities like Prince Andrew of England, or former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, he was discovered hanged in his New York prison cell a month later.

In addition to the alleged participation of Prince Andrew, whose first hearing for this case is scheduled for January 4 of 2022, the process has already begun against the one who has been identified as Epstein’s main collaborator, the British celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell, who would have “prepared” dozens of minors for these sexual assaults, including Giuffre herself.

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