He chapter 92 from the manga of “Dragon Ball Super“has arrived and, unsurprisingly, closely follows everything we saw in the movie of “Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes“. Of course, it must be said that the battle between Gamma 2 and Piccolo has been expanded a bit, to the point that the namekian loses an arm along the way (something that only happened to him in the fight against Cell Max originally). But leaving that aside, surely The most “hype” of the new chapter is the introduction to the fight between Goku and Broly.

Chapter 93 of Dragon Ball Super manga will show us the battle between Goku and Broly

Because indeed, we know that at the time of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, Broly trains to be able to put all his power under control. But there is more :

  • For starters, just like with the Gamma 2 and Piccolo fight, we see how the beginning of the fight between Broly and Goku is extended with an additional sequence.
  • Likewise, it also looks like a small change has been introduced from what we saw in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, well Son Goku tells Broly that ‘Now I’m going to speed up a bit..
The prelude to what we will see in chapter 93 of the Dragon Ball Super manga
  • You have to remember that in the feature film, the practice fight between the two was interrupted by Goku himself, as he realized that Broly was about to lose control of his power again.
  • Now giving Goku a warning to Broly, it looks like manga chapter 93 will start to keep the fight sequence between the two Saiyans, but also add the occasional moment that wasn’t present in the movie either. Will Goku use a transformation we haven’t seen him access as a base Super Saiyan in a while? It might be a good time, especially if the idea is really to show more of this fight, but still making sure Broly doesn’t lose a screw.

Obviously, now we shouldn’t expect the fight between Broly and Goku to last half of Chapter 93 because it’s not really necessary. However, knowing that Broly is one of the characters that many have been waiting for a long time to gain more weight in the “Dragon Ball” story, and knowing how “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” concludes, it is clear that if not now, it will take many months to see it really loose. In any case, there is already an interesting reason to wait for chapter 93 of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga.

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