Relatives of Cubans under deportation orders gathered at the Krome Detention Center in Miami, where they protested the repatriation to the island. The protest was in response to news that the Cuban dictatorship would once again accept repatriation flights from the United States.

Protesters have called on the Joe Biden administration not to deport their loved ones, many of whom have been detained for more than three months.

“Release these people, what they came for was to work and get ahead,” said one of the protesters.

Many relatives of detainees have called on members of Congress to raise their voices in defense of those who remain in centers from which they could be deported. In addition, they regretted the inconsistencies of the Biden administration, which had expressed its disagreement with the deportations of migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Protesters have vowed to continue fighting for the freedom of their loved ones, while hoping their actions will make a difference and authorities will reconsider deportations to Cuba.

The situation in Cuba is complex and many citizens have sought refuge in other countries, including the United States. Repatriation is a concern for many, especially those who fear reprisals from the regime.

In this sense, it is important that the voice of loved ones be heard and that solutions to this situation be sought. The protest in Krome is a sign that the community is united in its fight for justice and freedom.

The protesters hope that immigration authorities will pay attention and take action to protect the human rights of Cuban citizens who are in the US detention center.

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