Mars is facing its home stretch with many movies hitting the national billboard, ready to conquer the public for the weekend. So if your plans are going to see something on the big screen, you have plenty of options available.

There’s the final chapter of one of the most popular action sagas of the past decade, John Wick, which returns with a Keanu Reeves more than pissed off and ready to end the spiral of violence that began in its first episode, in 2014. Also, one of the most anticipated films of Adam Driver —against a bunch of dinosaurs!— or even the first one that will appeal to the little ones in the house. And to these are added other films, of course.

If you haven’t chosen one yet, We tell you what the first are and what each is about next. So consult your trusted cinema, note the schedules and still enjoy a weekend of the seventh art:

Jonh Wick 4

Having turned his life into a chase and surviving all manner of beatings and assassination attempts, John Wick finally figures out how to defeat the High Table. Of course, a new rival who wants his head will put him back in the spotlight; turning the last part of this hunt into a festival of blood, reunion and action.


Ramona, who lives in a town in Galicia absorbed by a job and a moment of very committed life, must take a step forward towards novelty. She has always sacrificed everything for her daughter’s future, even though now she faces something unknown.

The Hotel des Lios

In this sequel to Garcia and Garcia, the two namesakes take over a hotel they bought by mistake. Fortunately – or unfortunately – a group of boys and girls who stay in the rooms to watch the Talents finale will help them on an adventure that includes mafia, fights and even treasure.

A walk with Madeleine

At 92, Madeleine decides to move into a retirement home. However, she first takes a taxi from Charles, a somewhat desperate driver who accepts her strange request to visit by car all the places that have meant something in the life of his passenger. And it’s only there that the streets – and highways – of Paris will witness a most exciting union.


Pilot Mills believes he landed on an unknown planet, until he realizes he is on Earth, but 65 million years ago. While waiting for their only chance of rescue, he and the other survivor, Koa, will have to face gigantic dinosaurs of which they are only prey.

Chronicle of a fleeting love

A single mother begins an affair with a married man, knowing very clearly that there will be nothing romantic between them. Of course, life will surprise you with a comfortable and happy union that may make you rethink more than one thing.

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