“If that’s what he wants to do, you know, there’s nothing I can do, the only thing I know is what happened, what we all experienced filming on set, with the director, the precautionary measures that they were taken, there was a stunt person, we never knew that he was injured, until later, and well, nothing, it is a regrettable situation”, Diego Boneta expressed during his arrival at the Mexico City Airport.

Diego Boneta had already said that he was saddened by his partner’s statements and even, he said, he was surprised that he had decided to take legal action.

“It even seemed strange to me, it was strange to all of us because in fact, on the day of the scene, I told him ‘Hey, put knee pads, put elbow pads, back protection’, in fact, even the stunt told him: ‘Hey, get on and he said,’ No, I don’t want to. ‘ Both the director, Beto (Hinojosa), and I, after each take, we would go with him and ask him ‘Hey, everything okay?’ and he came out of the perfect set. I didn’t find out about this problem until weeks later,” the actor revealed at the time.

According to the attorney for Bello, Ignacio Trimarco, his customer seek redress for injuries, bruises, and contractures caused by Boneta during scene recording.

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